Day 17: Secret Places

There is no hard and fast rule as to what makes a secret place. Beauty, by its very nature, is subjective. Our criterion is a simple one: we must feel at home, we must feel good to be there.

A secret place represents an escape from reality, a chance for the human psyche collect and recharge. Whether its curled up with a good book in your favorite chair, reciting a mantra in your private meditation room, or tending to a rooftop garden – this place should thought provoking and embody a sense of calmness.


For the first time in a long time I was able to just stop for a moment – and collet my thoughts. It felt good as I found my self standing alone in the middle of the sweetest little lady’s secret garden.

I am sure you are wondering why I am standing in the middle of this secret garden, Sarah’s Secret Garden.

I was invited to provide a table scape that will be displayed in the secret garden during the Holiday Tour of Homes – a tradition in Sanford. I went there today to gather inspiration. A left with a feeling of rejuvination! (and a lot of ideas!)

What started with “Ill just take some photo’s and be on my way.” Turned into a loong moment of meditation. Take a look at Sarah’s Secret Garden from my perspective and enjoy 🙂

How could I not stop and take a moment here? The beautiful black and yellow butterflies swarmed me AND I was able to grab the inspiration needed for the design of the table-scape! As well as a moment of meditation to myself. A big THANKS for that!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

What is your secret place? Do share!!

Day 16: Genevieve Gorder

Today we spotlight my FAVORITE celebrity designer, Genevieve Gorder. I’ve been aspiring after this little gem for almost two decades now, in fact, some of my fondest childhood memories include a comfy seat next to mom and hours of TLC on our VCR. Remember those? haha.

And today, a decade and a degree later – almost as if we are kindred spirits, I use the advise and knowledge she has shared in my practices daily. I am in love with her design aesthetic and obsessed with her products. Her personality shines brighter than the sun on a hot Florida day and her beauty is a reflection of what she carries with in. And so, I give you, the ever so talented — Genevieve Gorder!!


You may remember her from popular shows like Trading Spaces and Town Haul. But there much more to know about this bubbly brunette!

Did you know she did the bottle design for Tanqueray #10 Gin? Yep, here it is:


Today you can find her on re-run’s of Dear Genevieve, as a judge on Design Star and CEO her own design firm, gg studios.

We absolutely love her “barefoot” approach to design. And her ability captivate her clients and evoke thoughts and feelings prior to designing an interior is something we strive to achieve every day. Her eclectic design style and whimsical eye for color are a true delight.

Here are some of Genevieve’s interiors that inspire us:

Genevieve, if you happen to read this….thank you for being a shining light and constant inspiration. I hope one day we shall meet and I can truly express all that you have done to inspire me to be the designer (and woman) I am today. 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!!