Performance Fabrics and their Amazing Properties!

What are Performance Fabrics?

Accidents are a part of life. Get extra protection from life’s many surprises with performance fabrics! Performance fabrics really do stand up to the everyday wear and tear caused by kids, pets, and guests. For families with kids, pets or both, it can be hard to keep furniture looking fresh and clean. After all, spills and stains will always happen, right? Well, we have good news for you: with our performance fabrics, you no longer have to choose between practical furniture and furniture that truly suits your style!

Reduce stress caused by spills with performance fabrics! Your home will love performance fabrics no matter what because they are used on soft goods inside and outside!

Do you know…?

Performance fabrics provide comfort, convenient easy-care and look as casual or formal as you like. They are able to repel water, resist stains, easy to clean and offer durability. Plus they have color fastness to stand the test of time. In other words, Performance Fabrics are here to stay!

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How to properly take care of them?

Performance fabrics are highly durable fabrics often with the capability to resist stains and repel liquids. If you have small children or even pets, performance fabrics are the perfect protection and provide easy clean-up. Specific care instructions vary according to fabric types and manufacturers, but in general the process for cleaning a performance fabric is very simple with less than three steps.

Spilled your wine, coffee, fruit juice or something worse on your sofa?! Here’s what you do next:

  1. Use a paper towel or clean dry absorbent cloth to gently blot dry. The water-resistant and stain-resistant fabric prevents liquid from absorbing into the sofa. Instead, it beads up on the surface, making it easy to remove. In many instances, that is all you need!
  2. If blotting doesn’t completely take care of the liquid spill, then make a water-based soap mixture and gently blot the area to remove the liquid. Rinse the area thoroughly with a clean cloth. After that, it is done!

Washing Performance Fabrics with ordinary laundry detergents destroys their properties. Every fabric needs proper care to deliver maximum performance. With performance fabrics, an innovate solution surrounds each durable fiber to repel spills and deter stains. Plus, they are easy to clean when treated immediately. For light spills, simply clean with a wet towel. For tougher spills, use a mild soap and water mixture. Despite being constructed and tested to meet high standards, performance fabrics are soft to the touch and come in a variety of colors and patterns! They are perfect for any interior or exterior space since they are highly durable! Just check some of our amazing Performance Fabrics with different textures and patterns that will perfectly fit into any space!

Different performance fabrics have various characteristics. Some varieties of performance fabrics are capable of blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation, and they often have protection from ticks and mosquitoes, quick dry, temperature control and antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. Performance fabrics may also possess pilling-resistance, wrinkle resistance, and stain (water, dirt and oil) resistance, and be antistatic, self-cleaning and flame resistant. In some cases, they can be resistant to wind, heat and abrasion. Isn’t that awesome?

With unbelievable properties, Performance Fabrics actually surpass industry standards for performance to ensure years of faithful service, all without sacrificing beauty, softness or luxury! Come to our studio to check our collection of Performance Fabrics! We promise you are going to love them!


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Canal Contemporary

When the clients of the Canal Contemporary project reached out to the design team, they had a lot of ideas in mind for their 1960s river front property (that they grew up in!!). Furthest from their minds was a complete tear down and remodel. That is just what we did! Down to the slab, the project was a complete over haul!

Facade of the house we completely transformed!

What began as a one story, modest 3 bedroom, grew to this vaulted ceiling beauty! Taking 2 years to get from conception to completion ensured that every inch of the home was built with great pride and intent. Environmentally green products were used where ever possible and the latest technologies in construction were applied to ensure all codes and regulations were met, or in most cases exceeded.

The clients relied on the design team to create an interior that reflected their laid back lifestyle but would exude a sense of elegance and style. The design evolved to become a “coastal industrial” take off by using a mixture dark metals combined with white washed wood finishes. The aqua-blue color palette creates an open-airy feeling which makes the perfect setting for casual entertaining.

From first entry, beautiful hardwood floors run throughout the home with tile accents in the wet areas. One favorite design element is the marble herringbone floor installed in the master bathroom. Every room in the house has a view to the river, making for prime real estate when you see all of the plush seating. The design team also specified light-weight dual roller shades on the windows for maximum daylight and dolphin spotting.

To the client, the kitchen was the most important element because they like to cook. To create their dream kitchen, a lot of thought was put into every element. Cambria quartz and a taupe stone backsplash make the perfect backdrop for any chef, while a well organized cabinet system is enough for anyone to get excited about making family dinner!

Beautiful kitchen with plenty of room for circulation! Rich countertop adds a sophisticated addition to the space!

Some of the beautifully custom-designed elements in the home include the barn door, master bath vanity, stair railings and guest loft bar. Working with the builder, the design team and the client were able to create pieces that will begin and grow with the home.

Custom Design Barn Door generating a rustic feeling.

Master Bathroom Vanity creating contrast with the focal while adding a unique touch to the space!

A bathroom is a special place in a house, where we renew ourselves and get ready for our routines. It is wonderful to start the day happy and full of energy after a fresh shower. Likewise, there is nothing quite like coming home from a long day and relax after a hot shower! Therefore, we were committed to dedicate this space to inner peace, serenity and positivity. Beauty lies in details; thus, to achieve a bathroom that evokes nature and positiveness, we carefully pick stunning natural stone tiles to create a focal point for the shower! We simply had to highlight our selection of clean and warming tones of ceramic tiles for the master bathroom.

We used a mixture of neutral tiles to create a natural feeling and the illumination highlights the stone and tiles! Dark Floor tiles contrast with the natural stone and resembling real nature!

Customized Stair Railling articulating interior spaces and providing a warming atmosphere!




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You can always find more design inspiration on our Pinterest and Instagram pages!

Connect with us on Google+ and LinkedIn

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