5 Home Trends You Will Love

As we pass the chaos of Summer 2020, we are embracing (with some caution) the new autumn season! With it comes new trends that we will be seeing in homes, fashion, and accessories. At A.Clore, some our best inspiration comes from the fashion styles that arrive with every season. This year we’re seeing lots of rich and antiquated colors that may be considered “outdated.” With this resurgence, spaces are being filled items that have an old-time-charm. Thrifting is a popular pastime, encouraging bold styles that embrace one’s individual personality.

And of course, we’re seeing this reflected in personal homes, too. Bohemian, mid-century mod, and modern interiors are all being altered to truly match the owner. This is great! There are so many amazing outlets now to draw inspiration from. Here, we’ll look at 5 prevalent trends you can expect to see this last half of 2020 and into 2021. Let’s get inspired!

Popping Colors

Classic Blue is Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year! It pairs well with the other bold colors that are becoming popular. They all have a rich narrative and stand out. These timeless colors reflect the ever-changing consumer mindset that’s focused on longevity and value while desiring self-expression. We’ve seen these in new wallpapers and bold design choices. And when it comes to the all white trend, there are natural wood textures and green plants being added to imitate color and add interest.

Pantone Color Theory Autumn 2020/Winter 2021

Pantone Color Theory Autumn 2020/Winter 2021


Garden Party Unpasted Wall Mural

Rifle Paper Co. – York Wallpaper

blue cabinets and rose gold accents kitchen

Works well with the infamous Rose Gold color!

Layers and Added Depth

There are lots of new design trends popping up that are insanely creative. Most are easy to do and affordable, making them great options to personalize a room! You can add interest to a room by imitating depth. Paint blocks extended onto the ceiling or covering two walls across the corner are some ideas of how to do this. Painted arches have also become a common way yo draw the eyes to a focal point without being an expensive option like tile or shiplap that we’ve done before. To add to the boho style that has become popular, decorating with excess plants, florals, and macramé is a fun trend, too. We’ve been noticing people having lots of fun with this, using uncommonly shaped wall décor like miss-matched baskets hung on the walls. This especially is a great way to add depth and texture to a plain wall.

Painted wall arch

Painted Wall Arch

wall painted block

Out-of-the-box painting techniques affordably add eye-catching depth

blush pink macrame wall hanging

Using a rich color and unique shape to individualize space.

Comfort over Looks

We are definitely noticing that homeowners are going for comfort over look. Especially with quarantine and spending more time at home, it is more important now than ever. This is complemented by recent furniture being designed to achieve both, like this simple, modern couch yet plush cushions. This is accentuated by the love of excess blankets and throw pillows. We see these made in the inviting, bright colors of emerging color trends.

grey sectional and lounge chaise

Modern lines WITH plush cushions

plush grey sectional living room

Freeform shapes featured in the furniture and accessories paired with natural wood tones

Retro is Back, baby

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the Rolling stones tongue icon is back. The vintage retro aesthetic is definitely in line with the new popular colors, just brightened. In commercial spaces, the classic diner theme is drawing in customers too. In residential spaces, we’re seeing unique neon lights with quirky sayings. As a popular decoration option, lots of wall canvases and wallpaper have a color block, art deco theme to them, too.

oasis diner retro

Diners and Drive-In movies are having a moment

Sunburst wall art orange and pink

Sunburst Wall Art

Rolling Stones Tye Dye Tongue Shirt

Rolling Stones Tye-Dye Tongue Apparel

Geometric sun removable wallpaper

Geo Sun Removable Wallpaper

Art deco home vanity

Art Deco Room Style

Technology Advances

Of course as time goes on, our technology is getting better. Smart home systems are highly sought after and new builds are becoming very energy-efficient. This is great for saving money and the environment. Modern appliances are great, like see through fridges with an iPad-like face, and everyone is adding Google homes and Alexas throughout their house.

Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerators #RS22T5561SR

These fridge faces have cool features like Bluetooth and useful notes.

See the source image

Energy efficiency is great for saving money over time!


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Incorporating Color in a World of Neutrals

A neutral design palette seems like a trend that’s here to stay. While using all neutrals can create a serene and sophisticated space, it can leave you wanting something that you just can’t put your finger on. (Hint Hint: it’s color!) We advise our clients not to envy those picture-perfect living spaces you see on Pinterest. This isn’t sustainable for families with messy kids and small budgets. That being said, having a clean background to design can be fun. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep a space neutral with added hints of personality.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen craze today is all white, very sleek, very clean. While this may be easy to admire, it is not easy to maintain and start to bore homeowners. We always work with clients who want a modern, white look, but also need to feel at home. An easy way to add color to a kitchen space is on the island. Below eye level, two-tone cabinets are enough out of the way to be bothersome, but effective when adding interest to a modern kitchen. Additionally, most kitchens have an island area for casual seating and this can be a great opportunity to add color. Whether the stools are upholstered or colored metal ones like below, incorporating a common color similar to the rest of the house can really tie a home design together without leaving the kitchen out.


In the Living Room

Similar to the kitchen stools, accent chairs are a great way to incorporate a bold color into the living room to liven it up. These rich navy armchairs with acrylic feet are modern enough while also inviting to sit down in. If the entire chair seems to be too much for you, we often customize upholstered seating to have two coordinating patterns on the inside section then another on the backside. This is especially helpful if you would want a detailed look from a specific viewpoint. Even less of a risk, add colorful pillows and a rug that incorporates a color to avoid designing a bland space.


In the Dining Room

Incorporating color into a dining room can be tricky; there are not a lot of ways to do it without breaking a modern, sleek feel. In this home, we did it in the wall art. This is the safest route to go for people, for it is easily changeable. To create a unique space, the paired wall hangings add variety while still matching the color scheme. It is important to add variety to space and in this case, it was done in a unified way. The colored corals in geometric frames easily enhance the mood of the area while sticking to the modern coastal design.


In the Bathroom

A bathroom is a place for serenity and calm, so, people tend to steer clear of bold colors when designing it. Naturally, neutrals thrive in this. A quick pop of color can really freshen the room up. Here we see this on the turquoise wall decor and some greenery on the countertop. Avoid the easy mistake of going to bland and add color to your bathroom by painting the vanity, having a bright accent tile, or placing a thin, colorful woven rug on the ground. You will appreciate this accent one groggy morning.


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You can always find more design inspiration on our Pinterest and Instagram pages!

Connect with us on Google+ and LinkedIn

Visit our Website for more information on what we are about and how interior design can change your life!