Revamp for the Summer in 5

This summer seems like the perfect summer to take chances with your deigns. Have you been feeling a little blah in your house? Or wish that just for once it looked like those we see in Simply Southern? If you’re wondering how to get there, the answer is here! Here’s a few tips from us interior design experts that’ll take your house to the next level in 5 days.

Clean, Purge, etc.

We’re sorry about this one, but in order to get the cleanliness of a model home, you’re going to have to walk in and around every room in the house with a trash bag (or maybe a few) and throw out any unmatched decor or useless items that are laying around. Try to be unsentimental about this, it makes the whole process go quicker; at the end of the day, you’ll feel amazing, like a great weight was just taken off your shoulders.

We wish all playrooms look like this.

Time for the Bins

Now that the unnecessary stuff is gone, we bet you found a lot of items out of place. Today is designated to designate everything to a spot. To do this, you’ll need lots of bins and maybe even a label maker. Our pro tip: be creative when it comes to your storage and labels. Today leaves no time for the usual clear plastic bins. Make a trip to your local Homegoods, TJMaxx, or Micheals and pick up various sets that’ll uniquely match each room in your house; just be sure to keep them within similar tones to unify the house. There are even labels made to match every personality and size needed, so feel free to vary up the look with those then keep the bins simple.

We loved doing this MUA’s room revamp!

This is the Fun Part

Time to decide what style best suits your house! Take to day to scroll through Pinterest, Houzz, or scour hashtags that interest you on Instagram. If you’re new to the whole social media scene, better get used to it today. Look up “boho, country chic, or beach house design” on Pinterest and Houzz to immerse yourself into these style ideas, then narrow your favorite from there by screenshotting or adding the picture to your account. Don’t be afraid to not like something! Something we always tell our clients is that “no’s” are a lot more helpful than “yes’s.” This will define your space, making it more catered to your true style rather than just copying a staged picture.

Take a detour over to our Houzz to see some project photos!

Source Your Style

When it comes to choosing  what you want, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Some of the best ways to do this are turn to a certified designer (like A.Clore Interiors 😉 to head the buying and installation, which frees you from the stress of the two last, sometimes least fun, steps. The benefits of doing this is getting the items for wholesale price, access to designer-only available collections, and assurance that your project will come out looking picture perfect. Check our services page for more information! Other than this, ask neighbors and friends whose houses you admire where they went. Pinterest also now has a shop feature that leads you right to the checkout cart for the item pictured that you need. And last but not least, tour your local furniture stores and look online for deals for easy shopping.

Find vases that speak to you for easy decor!

Execute and Relax

Whether it was a small project or large renovation you planned, coordinating and placing everything can be tricky. Taking it one room at a time helps, like one room a day. This timeline will assure everything gets done efficiently; by planning this around shipment dates and availability, it’ll get done smoother. Be creative when placing the furniture, maybe follow the footprint of a room picture that you admire. But by choosing your own things, this will keep the candor of your house.

Make sure you have a plush chair to sink into after its all done!

We hope this simplistic timeline will help motivate you to take a second look at your living quarters this summer. If any assistance is needed, be sure to ring into our studio! Happy designing!



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Why Tile? Coverings ’19

This Saturday, February 23rd is NATIONAL TILE DAY!! We’re celebrating along side Coverings 2019 – The Global Tile and Stone Experience. This year, they asked us to be a Coverings Influencer, which we have coined “Coverings Enthusiast”! Meaning, we will be spending a whole week immersed in the latest and greatest in all things tile and stone. Stay tuned and follow along on our socials as we countdown to…..



What are the benefits of using tile? Eeeehhh….where do we begin?

Coverings ’19 is an event held annually for close to 30 years, with everything tile and stone you could possibly dream of. This event leads the tile industry with over 25,000 attendees, 90 countries represented, and 9 miles of tile and stone is displayed. Below read more about what tile can do for you and then register for the expo to further your knowledge!

It’s Eco-Friendly

Being made of organic, renewable resources like sand, clay, and glass, it’s easy to make tile and stone surfaces of recyclable materials. Unlike other surface materials, in case of a fire, tile does not release toxic substances when exposed. This is a great advantage when caring about the health of people in the environment. Instead, due to the use of natural minerals fired at temperatures over 2300 degrees F, ceramic tile will never fade and isn’t even affected by UV rays. Additionally, because of its exceptional thermal mass, tile reduces the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. All this ensures a low environmental impact.

It’s Durable

If you think about it, tile has been around for ages – archaeologists still find remains that date back to the 9th century B.C.. Not only is tile pretty to look at, it’s also smart to use with it’s scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean properties. If you’re looking to have a eco-friendly house, choosing tile ensures the surface will last for a long time, thus preventing consumption rates unlike choosing materials that need to be replaced every so many years: like carpet, laminate, wood. A simple Clorox spritz will rejuvenate your finish and a spill won’t stain unlike on textiles. This equals low maintenance and elongates its new condition with little investment.

It’s Versatile

Quite possibly the most beautiful characteristic of tile is its versatility in how it can be used. We’ve seen it a lot on known places such as backsplash, countertops, and bathrooms. A big trend in 2019 is incorporating it in unique, impactful places like on step faces and accent walls. In addition to its location, you can lay it horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. This allows for a variance of interest it offers the eye and adds more personal preference. Depending on the tile you’re looking at, you can even pick a certain finish that adds a reflective, matte, or cracked surface.

We’re so excited to be paying more attention to tile this year, especially on February 23, #NationalTileDay !! And to do this, we’re attending The Coverings Show in Orlando April 9-12. Keep up with trends and the latest products in tiles and coverings with us and register for the expo for a once in a lifetime experience!

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Thank you for being an A.Clore Interiors Blog reader…..

Don’t forget: you can find us on Facebook – “like” us to keep up with the latest and greatest!

You can always find more design inspiration on our Pinterest and Instagram pages!

Connect with us on Google+ and LinkedIn

Visit our Website for more information on what we are about and how interior design can change your life!