4 Different Ways to Decorate Your Bed

We all love changing things up in our homes as the trending colors change, but sometimes, we can run out of different ways to use these colors and make them look different. We are here to provide you with unique ways to redecorate your bed, which will give the whole bedroom a completely new look! Our tips and tricks are sure to help!



     Color blocking is always in style going along with the trends no matter what colors are favorites at the time. If it’s necessary, you can even color block with neutral colors! The way to make this work is simply mismatching sheets and the accessories around the room. Contrast strong colored pillowcases with a bold fitted sheet and comforter, but match the pillowcases to the top sheet to add the color back in. If you want to add more colors or more of the same color, add it in with throw pillows or possibly a duvet. You want to show off all the colors in every area to show that it all goes together, so try folding and organizing the bed in a certain way that shows off all of the separate colors.



     Put something at the end of your bed! Many people are now creating their own headboards and either raising their bed on a bottom frame or just leaving it on the floor. When you do this, it almost looks like there’s something missing at the end of the bed, because there is! Add a bench or a chest. Try out a few things and see how creative you can get! Maybe even add a few side tables all put together or some large floor pillows. Have fun and make it look like how you want it to look. This adds some flare and makes it more dynamic visually.



     This is going to be the simplest change to your room you could ever make. Fold your bed differently. This is actually a huge indicator of the mood of the bedroom you are trying to create. Try new things you can do with the bedding you already have, and work around the bed frame constraints. This will take some creativity or trial and error period, but it can be accomplished and change the whole look of the already designed room.



     The last creative project to change up your bedroom is to add DIY details on your existing bedding. Take the throw blanket and sew a few personal pieces on, or add fun trim to the end of your comforter. It adds a personal touch and your own personal style that makes your bedding stand out. Decorate your pillows with any DIY method. This is the process you can simply just have fun with and is easy on the wallet. Our tips and tricks will surely lead you to a new, updated bedroom with the exact touch you would like!!


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Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

When anyone leaves a spa, they feel relaxed and refreshed. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like that every time you leave your bathroom? We’ll we have the secret changes to make in your bathroom to achieve that comforting, relaxing feel! Are you ready? First, we’ll talk about the fixtures, flooring, and lighting. Then, I’ll clue you in on the necessary accessories.




1. Brass Fixtures – Having antique hardware gives your bathroom a certain look of charm and trendy while staying simple.

2. Wooden Tiles – Wood flooring makes you feel like you’re in a sauna. The natural wood under your feet is a great soothing feeling. It is what will make you feel most like you are at a spa.

3.Light Fixtures – Make sure your lights aren’t too bright. Obviously, bright enough to see, but not too bright to cause stress on your eyes.




1. White Towels – This is almost a given. It makes everything look crisp and clean, which is more than half of what accomplishes relaxation.

2. White Bath Mat – While the wooden tiles feel soothing under your feet, the white bath mat is what makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

3. Greenery – This could mean flowers or any living plant. Something that shows off beauty, growth, and life. The scent awakens but also calms your senses.

4. Special Soaps – We have a wonderful homemade line of bath products in our store called Submerge. It is all natural and smells so fantastic. Any product is sure to automatically give you that spa feeling.

5. Candles – Candles appeal to three senses with a calming effect. They give off warmth, they’re easy on the eyes when providing light, and obviously, they smell amazing!

6. Storage Rack – Last but not least, this is vital. This can hold all your fluffy white towels, extra soaps, potted plants, and candles while still displaying them all.


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