3 Cool Tablescapes For a Trendy Thanksgiving

No need to stress about your Thanksgiving table! We’re here to help! We know it can be very overwhelming with all the small details, but we’ve come up with a way to make it just a little bit easier on you. There are multiple options for your Thanksgiving table setting, but to help you show off your inner designer, we’ve complied a few items from different local stores (Target, Pier1, Bloomingdales, and ZGallerie). We’ve broken them down into three different styles to fit several different personalities!

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We wanted to showcase a traditional Thanksgiving tablescape, because this is the usual decor you see at most family dinners. Stick to the typical colors of the season, such as orange, yellow, and red. Using these colors will truly bring the feeling of Thanksgiving to your home. Try and use things you already have in your home, such as candles, to make a beautiful centerpiece. If you can’t find anything, a vase with some fresh flowers is always an easy go-to for a wonderful (and great smelling) centerpiece, but nothing completes a traditional Thanksgiving like pumpkins and leaves! Try to incorporate those into the table decor.

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Glam it up with a more modern take! First off, we love this fur table runner! It’s so unique and trendy, but also gives the feeling of warmth we need throughout the fall/winter season. However, this style is much easier to incorporate items from around your home, such as white dishes, clear glasses, or white candles for a little extra fire in your table decor. Bring the bling with silver and gold accents! They will look great against this black and white backdrop and will give the table a very elegant look.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.34.28 PM

Or maybe, you’re a free spirit who doesn’t like traditional or modern! Maybe you prefer an “anything goes” approach. We encourage you to not hold back! Let your inner color child go wild. The beautiful, fun colors go great with rustic accents. Add wood and light garland to the table decor to keep it seasonal and relevant. Don’t be afraid to layer and add tons of texture. You can add in whatever your little heart desires!

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Farmhouse Friendly: How to Decorate With A Farmhouse Style


Farmhouse style is white hot right now! But, what IS farmhouse style? What defines it? How do we get the look? Do you have to live on a farm? Let’s start out by saying that farmhouse style is more of an attitude or a way of life than a style these days. Once farmhouse style was distinguished by 3 key elements… rural location, functional porches and formal and informal living space! Today, there are lots of fun decor elements that bring a warm, simple and savvy farmhouse look to almost any home, and that’s what we’re sharing today!

Farmhouse style originally developed out of necessity. It was born out of geography. Farmers needed places to live, and farmhouses reflected the land, building material and goods in the rural area. A farmhouse usually included a transition area from the outside to in… hence the farmhouse porch. The front of the home was the “formal” area where guests were welcomed. Although usually quite simple, it served to meet the formal social norms of the day. The back of the house usually had the kitchen and a bedroom, or if the home was two-stories, the bedrooms were upstairs. This is how the farmhouse style originated!



Today, farmhouse style is a way of life that reflects a love for the land and it’s bounty while keeping a close connection between both. It loves simplicity and has a do-it-yourself attitude. Recycling, up cycling, and renovating are all in the wheelhouse of farmhouse style! Although unpretentious and very welcoming, there is a great sense of style about farmhouse living! Anyone can capture the spirit and spunk of a farmhouse style! It marries so well with other decor styles. (Traditional, Modern, Southern, Cottage and even Industrial, just to name a few.) By adding just a few practical and perfectly placed farmhouse elements, your home can radiate this popular style!


For the kitchen, a farmhouse sink is the quintessential farmhouse element! Big hefty sinks were a must to hold lots of produce from the farm, babies that needed washing, chickens that needed plucking, and a whole lot more. We don’t have chickens to pluck or babies to wash, but we sure love a soapstone farmhouse sink! Along with the sink, all white cabinets are a farmhouse favorite! Rustic tables are also going to be essential to this design because they’ll add that warm and rugged appeal. This farmhouse table with a few classic styled chairs will put the finishing touch on the space. After the main points are done, you can accessorize with simple mason jars, rustic wood planks, burlap, and garden flowers! Photo Source

This farmhouse look is actually pretty easy if you really appreciate the style that you’re aiming for. We hope you like our little spiel about farmhouse living and styling your home. Now, put it to good use!


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