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3 Unbelievable IKEA Hacks

We all know Ikea is an incredible source for affordable furniture, but its affordability also means that you’ll see the same furniture almost everywhere you go. However, even with Ikea’s most basic pieces, you can always add your own DIY touch to customize your furniture! We have a few ideas to help make your furniture stand out from the rest! With a few steps and a little free thinking, you can hack your Ikea pieces into something completely unique!

ikea hacksSource

For this hack, you can turn plain wood into a glamourous coral statement piece! This has to be one of the easiest ways to style up a piece of furniture in your own special way. By just picking out a color that would go well with the room, and adding a few accessory pieces, your furniture could look just as dolled up as the rest of your home! You can even purchase decorative handles for your drawers from almost any local craft store. This project is perfect if you just want to add a little flare to a simple piece of furniture!

ikea hacks2


This DIY rope mirror is the most creative way to hang your simple mirror! With a few basic items and a little time, you can add a little something special to your ordinary mirror. First, you’ll need a circular mirror just like the one pictured above (from Ikea), hook screws, and sturdy rope. The mirror will have to be structured in a way that will allow it to have hooks screwed into the sides. Once you have your mirror, you’ll need closed hooks that the rope will be able to knot around. Screw your hooks into the sides of the mirror, and knot the rope through the holes. Make sure to tie the knot ends to make sure the knot does not loosen. Once your mirror is assembled, you can simply hang the mirror by the rope onto a nail in the wall and voila!

ikea hacks3


Everything looks great with a fresh dose of color! Add wallpaper and paint to these step stools to make them pop! These simple little stools can be found at Ikea and are used all over the house for many different reasons. Most of the time the kids use the step stools, so why not make the stools look a little fun?! These usually come in a bland white or wood tone, so painting them would be extremely easy. You can paint the stools with a pop of color, and then add a decorative wallpaper to the step’s surface to make the stools look as festive as the rest of your home! You can even let the kids paint the stools to their liking so they each have their very own!


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