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4 Helpful Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room

Which room do we all wish could be cute and charming, but somehow, it just seems impossible? The laundry room, of course! We’re here to inform you it can be cute and charming, though! Here’s how…



Pick out an adorable jar or DIY one to keep track of all the change that comes through the dirty clothes.



Give the room a style. Since the trashcan is really the only other statement décor item, let it flow with the style. If the room is too small, attach a lint box to the wall so you don’t have to walk far every time you change out a load of laundry. It adds cute character to the tiny room.



Create a command center. Have it hold everything you could possibly need on shelves and in bins. This will keep everything organized in what is normally the chaos room.



Keep separate loads separate! Have three or four different bins (or really however many different loads you typically do). Have a separate bin for your whites, darks, towels, jeans, etc. Label them so the kids know what to do with their clothes and which bins to put them in. Side note: this will also help teach them good laundry habits for later on in life!

I hope we have helped you step up your laundry room game! This is by far the hardest room to keep clean, so hopefully you can use these tips to help you not get overwhelmed when it comes to laundry day!


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