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5 Most Common Rug Mistakes


0001-56705863A rug is a special item that can either make or break a room and we have the secrets of what can see like “rug roulette”. Don’t let the rug get the best of you! Stick with us, and we will {lay down} the basics of how to make a rug work in any room.

1. You leave it for last! Instead of trying to find a rug that goes best in an already finished room, pick everything around the rug. A rug is a statement piece, and it’s much harder to find such an important piece to match everything else. It has to start somewhere, why not with the rug?!!

2. You don’t clean them! Keep your rugs clean. They should be vacuumed on the regular and deep cleaned at least once a year. This will make your rugs last longer and keep your rugs looking their best. A happy rug is a happy home!



3. You are thinking too small! The rules change depending on the room, but here are the basics. If you are putting your rug in a dining room, make sure all the chair legs still fit on the rug when they are pulled away from the table. If it’s going in the center of the room, make sure it takes up a good amount of floor space. If there will be furniture on top of the rug, most of the furniture’s legs should fit inside the rug. Stick to the basics, and you’ll be good!

4. It doesn’t make sense in the space! Make sure your rugs are reasonable for the rooms you’re putting them in. The material of the rug should correspond with the room. Use easy to clean rugs in your kitchen for obvious reasons, in the bathrooms, and in children rooms or play rooms. You want your chair to be easy to move in the dining room; therefore, use low-pile rugs there. When picking out rugs for each room, remember the function of the room to help make your decision.



5. You don’t challenge your self to be creative! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns of rugs against the pillows or accessories. Lots of people try and stray from layering rugs, because most of the time, it’s a hard thing to get just right. Try it, though; you never know how good of an eye you have with mixing and layering until you try it.



We all love using rugs, because it helps tie a room together so well. Try out our tips, and we promise you’ll be happy with the outcome. Remember to get creative and have fun with it, but also keep it clean!!


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