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5 Steps To A Stylish and Successful Work Space

1. Make a list. For each room you are organizing, write down exactly what you want and what you absolutely don’t. Make a plan! Stick to it.


2. Get your mind out the clutter! Clean up the clutter before you spend any money on any type of organizing supplies. Don’t think twice, get rid of it all. You will never know how much space you have to work with unless you kick all that clutter to the curb. Ask yourself this, if you were shopping right now, would you buy this? If the answer is no, get rid of it.


3. Hook it up! Invest in hooks. Hooks are trendy and also, an easy way to organize any space. They also play a role in showcasing anything you want to catch the attention of. Fashion forward, hooks play up any space perfectly and will add a personal touch to a professional setting.


4. Time is NOT of the essence! The quicket way to be discouraged with anything is to set a time frame. There is no perfect time to start and finish any type of cleaning, except to maybe start now of course! 😉 Do not limit yourself by setting some kind of timeline, great things take time. To fully organize your office, plan it out. The rest will fall right into place and the clutter out of your  s p a c e.


5. Last but not least, make a home at your office! One of the common tendencies of cluttering up any space is picking things up and not putting them back where they first were. Especially if more than one person is in the vacinity. Create a designated spot for items in each room,  labels are the easiest fix. At the end of the day there will be no confusion, and that designated spot turns into a little home away from home for all those office supplies you may have.


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