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5 Steps to Saving Your Childs School Art Memories

We all know the school year is quickly coming to a close and I’m sure all of your children have done a number of cool projects you’re probably wondering what to do with now. Well, the creative minds at A.Clore Interiors have come up with 5 easy steps to help you show off how creative your kid is, while still keeping the house clean and organized.

Here are the steps:

1. Let your child be involved. A great way to do this is to let him/her pick their favorite piece(s) of work from the year.


2. Play the Toss or Keep Game! Sit with your kid(s) while you all go through the favorite and things that are not so much worth the space in keeping, the point is to give them a sense of pride for their creativity but still keeping organized and clean.


3. Display the Favorites! Create a masterpiece wall with your child full of nothing but their work, it’ll give the whole family something to be proud of. From DIY frames to interchangeable magnet boars, this is YOUR chance to get creative! Don’t forget to give that designated wall a cute name ex. “School House Hall of Fame”.


4. GIVEAWAYS! There’s always a holiday behind a project, so why not give it to that respected person. Let your child choose who they would like to give their creations to. I’m sure they’re not expecting it, so while keeping your home bright and joyful – your child can brighten someone else’s day just the same. ex. Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day, Aunts/Uncles, etc.


5. Most importantly Recycle & Reuse! Make your child feel like the center of attention by incorporating their projects into your home in the form of wall art or decor. This can go for those cool simple Thanksgiving turkey hand projects or by repurposing a Valentines Day card into a creative table centerpiece. Make it FUN! This is a time to reflect on everything he/she learned over the year and a great activity to get the whole family involved in the process!




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