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5 Ways to Decorate with Books

5 ways to decorate with books

The love of books is common throughout all ages today, but in a different way than most think about. We, as designers, love decorating with books. They make great accessories that have an actual purpose. Take a seat. Read a book! Show off your collection in your house décor. We’ll show you how.



The simplest way is to stack them on your coffee table. It looks complete, finished, and polished with a stack of classics with a small flower or candle on top. It also showcases some personality and hints at some of your interests. It is a great way to show off which books mean the most to you!

book table


You can make some furniture depending on how large the stack of books you own is. Stack up large surfaced books high enough to make a side table, and place a slightly larger glass piece on top. If it makes you feel better about it being stable, use 4 stacks of books as the 4 legs of a coffee table or a larger side table. It’s a very unique way to add character to your furniture.



Creating a tower of books is an artistic way to add height to the room. This is a great DIY project if you are ready to put in work. The best way to accomplish this accessory is by drilling holes through the middle of the books one by one. When you’re finished picking all the books and drilling, pick up a pole or a PVC pipe and put it right through the middle of them. You can even pick what order you want them all in! It’s a fun project that makes use of your book club books when you’re finished reading them all.



Another great idea to do with overflowing books throughout the house is filling up empty spaces that are unnecessary, such as fireplaces that you don’t use very often. Just pile up the books in areas that are going unused, and you will end up with complimented décor that most people wouldn’t think about trying!



The last suggestion we have, our favorite, is creating a floor to ceiling bookshelf. You can put all your books on display! It gives it just a nice, classy feel. It’s just the effect the books have on a room! Even if you don’t have enough books to fill up a bookshelf that goes from the floor to the ceiling, you can fill in the spaces with other accessories, such as flowers, art pieces, or bookends. Get creative and have fun when decorating with books. They can add so much zest to your place!


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