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7 Ways to Cheer Up Your Entryway


We’re all always looking for ways to update the different rooms in our houses, but one room we don’t touch very often is the entryway. Why is that? It’s the room our guests see first. It is their immediate first impression of our homes. Why wouldn’t we want it to always be updated and in tiptop shape? Well I have come to your rescue today. I’ve put together my favorite ways to change up the entryway that won’t make you go broke in the process.


Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Mirrors always add some extra space, because it simply gives a room more depth and gives the appearance of a larger room. Mirrors are perfect to add if your entryway is narrow and needs some opening up. I think mirrors are a great choice here, because not only does it give that larger feel, but you can also pick a mirror that has a cool design and is really unique. If the mirror is a huge statement piece, you won’t have to add too many more décor items either. Therefore, it’s saving you money in that aspect as well. Photo Source



Test Out Your Decorative Green Thumb

If your entryway is a bit more open, a good, decorative addition would be a hall tree. There’s a tree or some sort of shrub for every decorating style. That’s one of the great things about using trees as décor items. Now, there are so many different sizes and plant pots. Some even are planted in small benches that give you the extra storage you need, which brings us to the next great idea…benches! Photo Source



Sit Down. Take A Load Off.

Benches are always great for the entryway. It adds style, it adds flair, it adds pizzazz! You will be really surprised at what one simple bench can do for a room. It adds storage room, because most of them open up or have storage cubbies. Not to mention, it adds convenience as a place to sit and unwind for a few minutes when you get home every day. Photo Source



Lighten It Up

Since it’s summer right now, it’s a great time to lighten it up with wall sconces. It will make the walls look fresh and bright on summer nights, and they will keep the feeling going all year round. These are really great if you don’t have much room for a table and table lamp or a floor lamp. Small entryways will brighten up your day when you walk through wall sconces. Photo Source



Family Photo Op

Now, if your entryway is larger, take full advantage of that, and put in a small table with a table lamp. You can do so much with this little addition. There are so many different tables and styles to choose from along with the enormous variety of lamps to decorate with. What is also a big plus about the table is you can display a beautiful family photo next to the lamp. Who doesn’t take every chance they can get to show off their family? Photo Source



Summer Splash Your Walls

Most people enjoy having neutral colors make up their entryway, but what’s in right now is to add a pop of color. Keep the paint color matching the larger rooms in the house and make sure you choose a color that is going to give your entryway that home-y feel. That’s what you are going to want to feel when you walk through your door after a long day at work. Even if you want to stick to neutral colors, you can pick two different shades and play around with some patterns. It will give your entryway an updated look without getting too loud. The vibrant accent colors are definitely in right now, though, and since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to change up colors and add those lively colors. Photo Source



Books! Pictures! Get Creative!

Last but not least, my favorite addition to any plain wall is floating bookshelves, because there is so much you can do with them. You can add books, pictures, and all sorts of different decorations while adding depth. I love displaying my books because I collect the classics. But instead of placing them vertically upright with bookends, I like to stack them horizontally with the title facing out strategically angled with one bookend placed on top to give it a nice decorative look. Photo Source

There are so many ways to change up your entryway, and personally, I love continually updating my entryway. It keeps my guests on their toes and very intrigued. You don’t have to go out and buy something new all the time. Some of these, such as the small table or the hall tree, can come from a different room and just calls for some rearranging. Get creative, make it fun, and most importantly, make it feel like home.


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