Starting at Valencia College, Caitlyn obtained her Associate’s Degree in General Education. During her time there she developed a passion for Interior Design. Shortly after she decided to begin her journey in the design field by enrolling at Seminole State College where she received her Bachelor’s Degree. With her background in client service and communication skills, Caitlyn plays an integral role in coordinating our design projects at A.Clore Interiors.

When Caitlyn is not managing our projects she likes designing with hues of blue and tones that are light and airy. Design styles that interest her include chic, minimalist, and modern, but she tackles new design styles with an open mind. This is especially true when working in our team-based environment. A phrase she lives by is “teamwork makes the dream work”.

There are things to love about all stages of a project. Some of her favorites include being present during design meetings along with how excited clients are to transform their space. In addition, she loves seeing the designs all come together resulting in another happy client.