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Add A Pinch Of Luxury To Your Home

We all strive for beautiful homes that have clear touches of luxury and sophistication. Having those little hints of extravagance will actually create a feeling of comfort and bliss. Hotels often use drops of luxury to help build this ambiance. If they can do it, you can too! We’re sharing with you today how you can achieve this very popular look.

Use Tile Art


Yes, there are other options out there besides subway tile to transform a wall or little section of the wall. There are so many choices to make any wall look dazzling. Above, you can see they used mirrored tiles to create a broken mirror design to act as a backsplash in the butler’s pantry.

Add Some Dark Paint


Dark, dramatic paint will bring not only a luxury vibe but also a cozy “cocooning” effect. Having dark walls automatically creates a nice, bold backdrop for any art, and you can easily lighten it up by adding brighter furniture and upholsteries.

Add More Glam


Who says a bathroom can’t exude luxury and glam? Yes, everyone typically goes for that spa-like bathroom that includes all white everything, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it girly. Get a pretty stool, a chandelier, some velvet curtains, and a mirror with lots of personality. Turn it into the ultimate relaxing area. You can always keep a little accent table next to your free-standing tub to hold your book and wine glass while having a calming bath.

A Dining Room Secret


Here’s the biggest secret to the best dining rooms…….get comfy chairs! Do you ever realize while you’re on vacation you tend to sit around the dining table and have nice conversation long after you all have finished your food? It’s because you’re so comfortable you don’t think to move. This creates much more quality time spent with friends and family. Bring this element to your home. Use large comfy armchairs that are ideal for relaxing. This is one of our biggest luxury secrets we can offer.


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