Day 8: Dorothy Draper

Today we give our undying gratitude and thanks to the one, the only and probably THE most influential woman in the history of Interior Design as a profession ..Dorothy Draper.. Enough said.

“I wish there were one word in the English language that meant exciting, frightfully important, irreplaceable, deeply satisfying, basic, thrilling, all at once. I need that word to tell you how much your awareness of color means to you in decorating. It is the rock on which your house is built.” ~DD

Day 7: Gingham Style

Not to be confused with Gangnam Style…which, we admit, have no idea how that song became so popular…the dance isn’t even that fun!?

any who..

Yay for day seven of this glorious month!!

Today we are going to give thanks to the Gingham Pattern!! So, I cant totally discredit Gangnam Style, as they were the inspiration for this post!

What is gingham, you ask? Well, the official definition for gingham is a medium weight balanced plain woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton blend yarn. Yawn.

Maybe this little girl can shed some light?

Or maybe this spread, oh, what a delight!!

Perhaps a colorful twist on a pattern quite trite!

Now that you know what gingham is all about,

and you’ve got the right pattern in mind

Look at this fabulous stationary to keep your cards a bind!

Bikinis to bows ~ and even peep toes!!

Grab a comfortable chair…

…or that throw over there.

Whether “red” or “blue”…we are all humans too!! (pun intended ;))


or small….

We love the GINGHAM PATTERN, we love them all!!!

Thanks for stoping by today,

come back again tomorrow to see to to see what attention we pay!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to the cutest little 2 year old ever, my nephew, Isaac Martin Neely