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dominate-3Sometimes a trip to Kirkland’s can get a little expenive, so why not make a few of your own décor pieces?! We know how difficult some DIY projects may appear, but we have a few step-by-step ideas that are sure to save you money and time. With the right tools and a little creativity, you’ll be a pro at making your own décor!

Decorative boards can be found almost anywhere, but what if you want a specific message printed? All you have to do is take a quick trip to your local arts & crafts store and pick up a few items. You’ll nedd a plain wooden board that you can then paint a color of your choice. To display your message you’ll need to also purchase wooden letters. Once you have these materials you can now create your message with the letters and glue them onto the board. You can now finish off your piece by painting the entire board and letters however you like!

decor diy


     Confetti tumblers are an absolute necessity for any fun event! They can also rack up quite a penny if bought as they are, so why not make your own?! By simply buying clear glasses and a few paint colors, you’ll be the envy of everyone’s tableware! To begin this project you’ll need glasses similar to the ones displayed in the photo, which can found at anywhere from Target to the dollar store. You’ll also need any type of acrylic paint that you can get your hands on (also at Target) and an acrylic paint sealer. When you have your supplies you can dig into the fun part! With a very thin paint brush you can begin to place confetti dots all around your glasses and wait for them to dry. Once they are completely dried you can top them off with the sealer so that the paint becomes permanent. And voila! A simple way to create glasses for summer barbeques, liven up your bar cart, and save a little bit of money!

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     The upholstery tack isn’t just for sofas anymore! This fabric finisher is back in fashion, and makes an inexpensive way to add irresistible attraction to otherwise plain pieces of furniture. This project is utterly quick and simple! Buy tacks from your local hardware or fabric store, and push or tap them in along the sides of a table, bench, or chair for an eye-catching accent! In a matter of 2 simple steps, you’ll have your own personalized DIY furniture!

decor diy3


     Now that you have a few DIY ideas, you can start making your own home décor! Making your own artistic pieces can be a lot easier that you may think. When shopping for unique interior décor, don’t be so quick to spend so much money! If you find something you like that doesn’t necessarily agree with your wallet, let your imagination take over and try to make your own!


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