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Bathroom Decorating Ideas From Designers

The bathroom in your home should feel like a spa or your own personal relaxing oasis. There are decor ideas that we as designers use to really create that effect. Just a few important design choices can update the vibe and energy of the space. Keep reading to check out a couple of our ideas and see how you can improve your space!




When there is more lighting, it bounces off the mirrors and walls and can make the room appear larger. Go ahead and install those sconces you’ve been eyeing. They can really only make the space better!

Add Patterns



The beauty of a small bathroom is that you can use large patterns that would normally overwhelm a bigger room. Add in your favorite print no matter how big or small! The addition of prints gives the room a little personality and flair.




Put up some extra shelving for additional storage. You need all that space for baskets to reduce clutter and messes. It will keep the room looking organized and put together. Grab some cute little woven baskets from Target or even Walmart and put all the extra hair ties and such in it to keep everything in one place.


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