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Bathroom Revamp: 7 Ways To Visually Create More Space

Whether you live in a teeny tiny apartment or a huge house, there is a guarantee that you will have one small bathroom. Every time you go in you feel cramped, almost claustrophobic. We’re coming to your rescue to solve all your “small” problems! We have broken it down into 7 different ways to make the room expand luxuriously.

Decor Theme

White & Silver Bathroom


     The first thing you notice when you walk into a bathroom is the theme or style of the room. Most people go for nautical or “Under the Sea” themed, but we suggest a different take. You want to make it feel clean, but bold. Use white as much as you can, because it gives a soft clean ambiance. Anything bold would go really well in the room as well, just keep it simple and forward.

Floating Vanity


     A floating vanity is a smart way to add more space. Now, not only do you have countertop space, but you also have space underneath to store bathroom bins. Storage bins are marvelous and so convenient when it comes to hiding all the items you want to keep from getting cluttered on counter.

Glass Shower Doors


   We know this next one is not the easiest to change, but keep it in mind when you’re building a home from the ground up…glass shower doors! Because they’re see through, they increase the amount of space that you can see when you first walk in creating the impression that there is more room to walk around.

Welcoming Light


     The colors kind of go hand in hand with the style or theme of the bathroom, but just a reminder that whatever your theme is, use light colors. You want to use the colors that will reflect the lighting, whether it is artificial or natural, you want to bring about more light. Not only will it make your bathroom look larger, but it will also bring about positive energy and good vibes!

The Mirror


     We always mention mirrors as being a huge help when trying to create more space. A mirror is a vital part of the bathroom, but you want to make sure that it is a large mirror if it is in a smaller bathroom. Not only will it be more fun when doing your makeup in the morning, but it will also bring about the illusion that there is so much more visible space. It is an awesome trick you can use in any room of the house, but it definitely comes in handy in this situation.

A Corner Sink


     A corner sink shoves everything you need in one small space, but it has a clear, clean appeal added to the room. It also leaves no room for a cluttered mess on the counter, because it only has enough room on the counter for essential items.

Tile Wall Decor


     Putting tile from the ground up the wall to reach the ceiling is our last but most impactful idea. By doing this, you will emphasize the verticality of the room giving the appearance of a higher ceiling making the room look luxuriously large.

Some of these ideas you will have to plan for before building the bathroom or during a renovation, but some include just a little decor switch-a-roo. You can use these tips to really create a stylish and beautiful (and functional) small bathroom!


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