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Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Let’s just admit it. We all don’t have that green thumb. Most of us don’t have time to really work towards bettering ourselves with plants. We’ve put together a list of the best plants for us busy bees that need less attention and care but still look pretty.

1. Sansevieria



This plant has sharp, pointy leaves with more of a manly feel. Most plants/flowers work better in a feminine space, but this particular is great for men. It does need to be placed in bright indirect light, and it doesn’t need to be watered too often. Just check on it every so often.

2. Pachira Aquatica



This plant is taller than the others and very substantial. It is thought of as a money tree and brings growth to the home. Keep it in bright light but not in direct sunlight. For the responsibilities, you have to give it a large dose of water and let it dry out, and then, repeat. It’s a very simple, easy plant to take care of, and it also brings great energy into the home.

3. Succulents



These babies come in a variety of colors, and they’re nearly impossible to kill. This is all of our best option when it comes to keeping the plants alive. The soil needs to be dry most of the time, and make sure it has plenty of light.

4. Cacti 



These plants give off a chill, cool California vibe. Make sure they’re placed in pots that allow plenty of drainage. This is another plant that does not need to be watered often.

5. Aloe Vera



Aloe Vera cleans the air! Bring this into you’re home and you’ll be feeling even better just in a general day-to-day way. It is very much a statement plant and brings health into a room. Make sure it has tons of sunlight, and don’t over do the watering. It needs water, but just water it infrequently.

6. Fiji Palm



These plants are a bold touch! This plant is another plant that truly makes a statement. It needs warm temperatures and shade to survive. Water it every so often, but it’s a simple plant and will be easy to take care of.

When shopping for plants, keep in mind the responsibilities, how much effort each of them requires, the space it will be going in, the light rays in that spot, and the feel of the room Like we aid, keep it simple and easy, and your plant most definitely will not die!


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