Interiors Top Ten – Spring Cleaning Edition

1. Fresh flowers for a centerpiece on kitchen and coffee tables. This floral touch brings the outdoors in and brightens the home with a fresh new look.

– This style can be accomplished by using neutral or pastel vases filled with flowers like tulips, marigolds, and Lilies.

2. Rearranging the furniture to improve the overall flow and functionality of living spaces.

-Changing the placement of furniture can make the space feel new without having to purchase new items.

3. Adding new décor whether spring or any aesthetic that’s preferred as long as it’s new and updated, for example, hand-towels, soap dishes, vases, and candles.

-Placing fresh spring-themed décor throughout the space will add pops of color and emphasize a fresh new beginning. Even if the theme of décor isn’t spring adding new items can add a fresh take on the space.

4. Organizing kitchen cabinets and adding labels so everything has a home, the spices labeled and put in glass containers.

-Keeping spices and everyday kitchen ingredients in matching glass containers that are labeled.  Also placing labels on the shelves so every pan has a permanent place, adding separation containers for silverware and various kitchen utensils. These organizational touches will assist in the overall functionality of the kitchen which makes life cleaner and easier.

5. Changing the air filter for the AC to improve the overall indoor air quality.

-One of the most important aspects of feeling good in a space, but is an element that is often overlooked, is the indoor air quality (IAQ). If changing the filter for the AC unit has slipped your mind then a perfect time to accomplish this task is during spring cleaning.

6. Organizing linen closet, utilizing bins with labels, and placing laundry materials in labeled glass containers.

-Taking time to organize your linen closet can improve your overall quality of life. Rolling towels can add more space for storage and you can see the color and pattern. Placing the towels in matching bins will help keep them together neatly. Separating the linens by type in each bin with a label will make things easy to find and keep track of.

7. Cleaning the window treatments and sills from any dust or mold.

-This is a household task that seems to be overlooked a lot throughout the year but a spring clean is a perfect time to give this area some attention. Removing dust, dirt, and mold from window areas will also help improve indoor air quality in the home.

8. Picking up the rugs throughout the space, beating the dust out, and washing them before placing them back out.

-This task can help bring a dingy rug back to life, from collecting all the dirt and foot traffic throughout the home.

9. Take all bed linen off and wash them such as the bed skirt and comforter, also adding some fresh new decorative pillows.

-Although washing sheets is a weekly/monthly task, removing the bed skirt and comforter for cleaning doesn’t happen as often as it should. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to refresh and clean items of the home that often get overlooked otherwise.

10. Dust all décor, lamps, and shelving throughout the home.

-Having decorative items throughout the home creates interest and a cohesive theme. These items need to be moved and dusted so the cobwebs don’t distract from the beauty.



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Wellness in Interior Design



What does it mean to design with wellness in mind?

Designing with wellness in mind involves what building materials and lighting we select along with how we integrate the outdoor-indoor space through Biophilic design and greenery incorporation as well as delivering healthy air quality. Designing with wellness in mind is not going to go out of style because it will constantly be changing to meet the needs of the users, and at the end of the day every individual wants to feel good.

 This is what we want to strive for going into 2023!

The ideas of what wellness means have changed over the course of the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever in the design world we are seeing just how important wellness in interior design is and what we can do to help create a better home environment. 


Materials like cork, bamboo, and rattan are all eco-friendly resources that can be used in interior spaces for flooring, furniture, and rugs selections to support renewable resource use.



A term called Biophilic Design is something we’ve been hearing about in the last couple of years, this means incorporating green spaces within the interior environment that promotes oxygen as well as bring the feelings of nature indoors. This can be achieved by simply adding live greenery into our spaces or creating greenery walls as seen above for a feature design element while being sustainable. 



Nano walls are a great solution to making the indoors feel like they are a part of the outdoors. These are foldable glass doors that when closed create a seamless picture-perfect view to your backyard but when opened there is full access to the outdoors. We have seen this application done in both commercial and residential designs.



Lighting has become one of the main focuses of wellness in design as it plays a very important role in our mood. Adjustable color temperature lighting is where we are seeing the most applications of wellness-inspired lighting designs. Using LED lights ranging from 2700-3300 Kelvin for warm lighting to 3300-5300 Kelvin for cool lighting and daylight falls around 6500 Kelvin. This idea of lighting temperature variation gives the user the choice to set the lighting around their home to their preference. 

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is something we are learning more and more about due to the harmful practices of building construction of the past. SBS is enhanced by air pollution, off-gassing from material selections, and poor indoor ventilation systems. We also must be aware of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs come from carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, mold, radon, as well as chemical off-gassing. They can be found in common products like paint and paint thinners, hairspray, and cleaning products. When we are specifying building materials, we want to steer clear of paints, finishes, adhesives, fire retardant furniture and fabrics that contain VOCs to help stop off-gassing. In a more commercial setting, you want to look for buildings that have certifications like LEED, BREEAM, and WELL. This signifies that the building was constructed with non-toxic building materials and maintains a healthy ventilation system for purifying the air from pollutants. Double, even triple checking that a building is safe to begin construction and possesses no concern for SBS is the first step in designing with wellness in mind. Once all other applications of a project are complete it is important to continue to keep up with good air quality control by changing out your air filters and keeping those beautiful plants alive! 




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