Project Spotlight: Open to Traditional

On one of our favorite projects of 2019, we transformed a traditional house design. Through both small impactful additions and large features, the home went from drab to refreshed. The design had to be kid and dog friendly. Throughout our renovation process, we always incorporate existing furniture pieces that are either meaningful to the family or ones that would still work with their vision. As certified aging in place designers, we could also ensure the design would be adaptable for the family for years to come.


Our client got the kitchen made for dreams! We knocked down a large wall that divided the space from the living room. This allowed for the addition of a 14-foot Cambria quartz countertop island. There is lots of additional seating and storage available here, necessary for their family’s needs. The all-white cabinets and subway tile backsplash is a timeless design decision and complimented by updated stainless steel appliances. Perfect for entertaining as well. This large island has a built-in wine cooler. The silver-finish lights above the island are simple for continued open-sightlines and hung in three for a balanced lighting feature.

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Living Room

The transformation in the living room was simple but impactful. By changing the layout, there’s more seating and focus on the characteristic, exposed brick fireplace. On the built-ins, we simplified and decluttered the items and painted them a refreshing blue to suggest a coastal cozy feel. Matching the existing coffee table, we added sofa tables, and most significantly, stained the ceiling beams to match. The XL sectional is upholstered with performance fabrics to keep up with the family and pets for years to come.

Dining Room and Foyer

Now to the dining room! We actually switched this space with the original office space to allow for a better flow of the open-concept. Equipped with 10 seating spots, it is perfect for large holiday dinners. The most unique part is the blue and gold peacock wallpaper from York Wallpaper. These modern colors perfectly incorporate the traditional pattern into the formal space. It is simply decorated with some existing gold accents, credenzas, and hemmed ready-made window panels.

The dining room highlights the unique foyer showcasing beautiful sentimental pieces from the client. The table was a dated hutch, so to better fit the space, we took the top off. The plates were sitting on the top, so we hung them to created a masterful artsy use of them. The antique mirror reflects the dining room’s existing chandelier and light to enlarge the space. On the mirror, you can see a posed Anhinga bird, which perfectly matches the peacock theme from the dining room. It also adds the perfect Florida home touch, for these birds are easily seen along Florida’s waterways.

Slim lamps from Uttermost and faux flowers from Stacked and Co. complement the existing pieces to create a unique, modern foyer.

Master Suite

The biggest renovation of this project: a master bedroom and bath addition! This created the perfect getaway space for the parents. The decor was kept simple and colorful for an eccentric, modern feel. In this space, we continued the emerald green color that they loved from the foyer plates! These unique Currey Co. lamps add an elegant touch to the youthful pillows and mirror. For the window curtains, we embellished ready-made panels with decorative trim for an affordable, individualized touch.

These clients wanted the house modern where it mattered; before in the kitchen, now we reveal the updated bathrooms! With continued white cabinetry and silver-finishes, this bathroom will be in style for years to come. Don’t be afraid to mix finishes either, you can see we did that here with the black hardware and silver decor. The continued floral tile wainscoting unifies the walk-in shower area to the free-standing tub. A luxurious water faucet and wine table are placed right next to the tub for those lavish bath-spa evenings.

Flex Room

To better meet the family’s needs, we transformed a guest bedroom into a more flexible space. The closet was gutted and a desktop was added for a special home-office space. The scholarly York wallpaper and storage is perfect for the kid’s future study space. In this room, there’s also an existing daybed for guests.

Before and Afters

Through the before and afters, you can truly appreciate were this house started and ended. With some mindful design decisions like tearing down a wall and switching room purposes, the house was transformed. It is now completely functional for the family and looks brand new, even though we incorporated lots of existing furniture. Remember, paint is the most inexpensive, but significant, change you can make, and don’t shy away from wallpaper because it looks intimidating!


A Designer’s Touch

Throughout the house, our main vendors were Uttermost, Currey Company, Hooker Furniture, Surya, and Safavieh. One pro of redoing your house with a certified interior designer’s help is that we can buy these items for lower than what you would find at a showroom. To finish up, our biggest tip is run to a Home Goods near you to add the perfect decor to enhance your personalized style in the space. Check out more beautiful spaces designed by the A.Clore Interiors team on our Houzz page!


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Performance Fabrics and their Amazing Properties!

What are Performance Fabrics?

Accidents are a part of life. Get extra protection from life’s many surprises with performance fabrics! Performance fabrics really do stand up to the everyday wear and tear caused by kids, pets, and guests. For families with kids, pets or both, it can be hard to keep furniture looking fresh and clean. After all, spills and stains will always happen, right? Well, we have good news for you: with our performance fabrics, you no longer have to choose between practical furniture and furniture that truly suits your style!

Reduce stress caused by spills with performance fabrics! Your home will love performance fabrics no matter what because they are used on soft goods inside and outside!

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Performance fabrics provide comfort, convenient easy-care and look as casual or formal as you like. They are able to repel water, resist stains, easy to clean and offer durability. Plus they have color fastness to stand the test of time. In other words, Performance Fabrics are here to stay!

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How to properly take care of them?

Performance fabrics are highly durable fabrics often with the capability to resist stains and repel liquids. If you have small children or even pets, performance fabrics are the perfect protection and provide easy clean-up. Specific care instructions vary according to fabric types and manufacturers, but in general the process for cleaning a performance fabric is very simple with less than three steps.

Spilled your wine, coffee, fruit juice or something worse on your sofa?! Here’s what you do next:

  1. Use a paper towel or clean dry absorbent cloth to gently blot dry. The water-resistant and stain-resistant fabric prevents liquid from absorbing into the sofa. Instead, it beads up on the surface, making it easy to remove. In many instances, that is all you need!
  2. If blotting doesn’t completely take care of the liquid spill, then make a water-based soap mixture and gently blot the area to remove the liquid. Rinse the area thoroughly with a clean cloth. After that, it is done!

Washing Performance Fabrics with ordinary laundry detergents destroys their properties. Every fabric needs proper care to deliver maximum performance. With performance fabrics, an innovate solution surrounds each durable fiber to repel spills and deter stains. Plus, they are easy to clean when treated immediately. For light spills, simply clean with a wet towel. For tougher spills, use a mild soap and water mixture. Despite being constructed and tested to meet high standards, performance fabrics are soft to the touch and come in a variety of colors and patterns! They are perfect for any interior or exterior space since they are highly durable! Just check some of our amazing Performance Fabrics with different textures and patterns that will perfectly fit into any space!

Different performance fabrics have various characteristics. Some varieties of performance fabrics are capable of blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation, and they often have protection from ticks and mosquitoes, quick dry, temperature control and antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. Performance fabrics may also possess pilling-resistance, wrinkle resistance, and stain (water, dirt and oil) resistance, and be antistatic, self-cleaning and flame resistant. In some cases, they can be resistant to wind, heat and abrasion. Isn’t that awesome?

With unbelievable properties, Performance Fabrics actually surpass industry standards for performance to ensure years of faithful service, all without sacrificing beauty, softness or luxury! Come to our studio to check our collection of Performance Fabrics! We promise you are going to love them!


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