Mmm…what’s that smell? It’s Submerge Bath and Body Co.

submerge correct logoCome stop by our store and check out all the natural Submerge bath products and remedies we carry! We have so many different scents and a whole range of products for all ages. We currently are running a special on our new Bath Fizzers, which are $5.00 or 5 for $20.00. The world is your oyster when it comes to picking the scent you desire. We have a totally of 12 scents with the most popular ones being Beach Bum, On The Rocks, Happy Hippie, Jamaican Me Crazy, Butt Naked, and Forget Me Not. Use one of these Bath Fizzers to fizzle up your day!

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We mentioned these products are for all ages, but we have a few products dedicated to certain ages, such as our Soothing Baby Bath and the Kids Bath Dirt. The Soothing Baby Bath is an all-natural bath mixture made specifically for your baby’s relaxing bath. The instructions are printed on the bottle also letting you know the whole bottle will last you for a long time. This softening mixture also helps soothe and calm your baby.


Now as kids get older, we have to learn new ways to make bath time more fun. We have your answer…Kids Bath Dirt! Out of the fizzing “dirt” a reptile will appear! Or a princess! Or a sea creature! Again, the instructions come on the package to make your life easier. The Kids Bath Dirt is directed at helping calm and soothe your child before going to bed at night.


Our Hand Soap is definitely our best seller, because it is the most basic household need. We have so many scents, but our favorite is the Morning Fresh Hand Soap. It is made with almond, coconut, avocado, jojoba, macadamia and palm oils, cocoa, shae, and mango butters, stearic, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, and natural herbs or clays for colorants. You’ll fall in love with these soaps; just come by and give them a sniff! Their scents will make you melt.


The last product I want to mention for the time being is our Therapeutic Bath Tea Soak. These products are all natural with healing properties from herbs and flower buds. They are used as an amazing way to restore your body and mind. The botanical herbs make for a luxurious, relaxing soak.


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What’s hoppining now

It’s that time of year again! The annual Easter egg hunt, dying the eggs, chocolate bunnies galore. Here at A.Clore Interiors, we think it’s the perfect time to bring that Easter spirit inside your home as well.


This bright pallette is our inspiration for this Easter. The different shades compliment each other perfectly.



The smell of spring is in the air. Easter sets the bar for those care free days, with just the right pop of color included. April showers, the smell of fresh cut grass, this holiday definitely has the best feel good, fresh vibe to start any style.


Try this DIY out for your special Easter festivities! All you need is newspaper, food dye and a few good eggs that are ready to hatch into something fabulous!


The color pink is also a must do. Pink never gets old and can change the whole feel of any room with just a splash of it. No matter the shade.


ScreenShot2013-03-27at62337PMPink up your scene and enjoy your Easter! It’s what’s ‘hoppining’ now!