Table Essentials For Your Patriotic Party!

Cooking out is a go-to plan when thinking about July 4th. It’s so nice to be outside and really enjoy how beautiful our country is. In order to make your July 4th party cute and an American classic, we have some decor ideas that are essential to making your party the talk of the year!




You should keep it fresh and patriotic by using white and red flowers in a clear vase, but put blue food coloring in the water to tie in all of our nation’s colors. Feel free to tie a burlap ribbon around it to give it a little more of a backyard, homemade style. You can also add a mini American flag in the middle of the flower arrangement or a few red, white, and blue silk ribbons. Get creative! Maybe even have some other the kids help you decorate them.




Create luminaries. It gives the decor a special sentimental feeling. It’s resembles remembrance  and respect. The American flags decoupaged on clear mason jars is brilliant. It gives the luminaries a rustic backyard look but keeps the whole idea very classic. Make sure to have some other these beautiful luminaries at your July 4th cookout.

Build Your Own



We know…Build your own hot dog and burger bar with everything you could possible imagine! It’s a brilliant idea that we use pretty often, but add your own twist to it. This is the buffet everyone dreams about. If you can find a way to make it unique and different, everyone will be talking about how great of an idea a hot dog and burger buffet is even though we see it often. Don’t forget the cute decorations to cover the table!




Let’s not forget about all the adorable festive treats you can make! This is one of our favorite parts because you really get to show off your creativity, and it just makes all the food fun!

July 4th is the time of year you get to celebrate what an amazing country we live in and truly enjoy friends and family. Make it a day to remember for months after!


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How-To: Flower Arrangements

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful flower arrangement? They’re perfect home decor all year round, but because of the blooming flowers, they’re especially beautiful in spring and summer. We have tips and tricks for making beautiful flower arrangements for you to keep around your home throughout the summer months!

Choose A Container



This is your first step. You can choose a plain and simple glass vase, you could choose a mason jar, or you could choose a teapot. Literally any container you think is beautiful will work.

Securing The Bottom



You’ll need to place something in the bottom of the container, such as glass chips or pebbles, to secure the stems. It isn’t as necessary for slim containers, but it’s still suggested.

Types Of Flowers



Next, we’re going to choose the flowers we would like to use. There are three different types that will typically go in a flower arrangement. They are line, mass, and filler flowers.

Line Flowers



These are the flowers that pretty much define the shape of the overall arrangement. They give the flower arrangement height and width. You can use snapdragons, dendrobium orchids, or calla lilies; really any tall flower.

Mass Flowers



Mass flowers are the focal flowers that attract attention, such as roses, tulips, or daisies. They’re always placed in the center.

Filler Flowers



These flowers are simply used to just fill up empty space, hence the name. Filler flowers normally grows in clusters on a single stem. Examples of filler flowers are  feverfews, ferns, and chrysanthemums.

Create The Arrangement




Size the mass flower to the container and cut the stem at an angle. Place all sized mass flowers in the container. Add in the line flowers to produce the height and width of the flower arrangement. Organize them how you would like and add in the filler flowers to any leftover empty space. Make sure there is no back side to the arrangement. You want every angle to look beautiful.

Last Trick



Add in a 1/2 tsp of sugar with a little water to help the absorption, and then, add in the rest of the water to fill the container up halfway.

We hope these flower arrangement tips help when creating your beautiful summer home decor! Comment below if you have any tips and tricks of your own you’d like to share!


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