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We’re back again and this time we’re coming at you with the latest in our Design&Fashion [sister, sister] blog series with the Glam-Rock Mashup!! If you missed our last post, Contempo-Mod Mashup, while you’re excused this one time…don’t let it happen again 😉 Just Kidding!!!

To catch everyone up A.Clore Interiors will be doing a new blog series over the next few weeks rightly named, Design&Fashion.  We are going to show you a fashion sketch along with some interiors that could have been a inspiration to the designer.  It is a fun way to reverse the process and show how inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere at any time!!! So with that we give you our second feature….

Glam-Rock Mashup


This sketch inspired us in many ways!! Well of course we see outfits like this on and off the stage quite often by music artists and actors alike.  While not naming anyone in particular,we think all you “little monsters” know who is most famous for these lavish designs!!! From a design stand point we love how while leaving little to the imagination in some areas, the asymmetry of the outfit is perfect in any interior space.  Also using a shiny yet rough texture is another great way to bring Glam-Rock into your interior.

Here are a few designs that we think capture the essence of the sketch:


Chandelier dripping with pearls….YES PLEASE!!


Vintage glam at it’s best!


Wow….Using that antiqued mirror in the background and adding in that pop of purple throughout the rest of the space makes this room, Glam-Rock approved!


Stainless fixtures can ultimately class up any space!


Under the Sea indeed….the shell sink sitting on an antiqued mirrored vanity, genius!


Gold couch with acrylic lamps need we say more…oh yeah, HELLO wallpaper! Love the pattern!


 Great mixture of clean lines, polished fixtures, and reclaimed wood.


Only the glamorous folks have a bathroom with these clean lines and pearly white walls. However, the rocker in all of us can appreciate that light-up wall! Brings us back to those lights up shoes we rocked in elementary school!!!


Well, if the mirror and headboard didn’t scream rocker chic then adding in that gorgeous waterfall chandelier sure did! We love the asymmetry the floor lamp and chandelier give to this space.


Those LAMPS…Those CHAIRS…and FEATHER DECOR!!! How could you not love this one, we were GAGA over this last photo it’s obviously our fave!

This Glam-Rock mashup was a chart topper for us!! We aren’t done yet, many more inspired looks to come, be sure to keep checking back!!


What do you think, did this sketch inspire you? Leave your comments below!!

Check Back for our next Design&Fashion [sister,sister] fashion inspired post!


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