Indoor Plants

         Humans are the only animal that domesticate other animals, even since the stone age humans had dog and cat ancestors for companionship. Now with indoor plants, the practice of growing them inside is unclear. The earliest historians can trace is back in the babylonian empire.  The king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar married his Persian Queen, Amyst, she felt isolated in the marble and stone palace. To make his queen feel better Nebuchadnezzar built her the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Hanging various types of plants from the ceiling and having gardeners make a flower grow upside down, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and possibly what created the idea of having plants indoors.


House plants can also date back to the Romans. Romans were party people who loved to have their homes elegantly beautiful lined with expensive marble vases which were filled with many types of flowers.



A few hundred years later, Christopher Columbus and other explorers travel to discover the americas and there they fall in love with the exotic plants. They decide to ship them back to Spain, Portugal, Italy, even France. Doing this made them learn that the climate was too different for the plants causing scientist to create the greenhouse, a way to be able to have the exotic plants survive, which then of course grew and became very popular.



Centuries later we come to what is commonly known as the office plant. When women started to overtake the business world and man the workplace they brought along a sense of making the environment women friendly, thus made plants common in office buildings.  




Here’s some more cute ways you can incorporate plants in your home for better air and to feel comfortable!



















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