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Celebrity Homes on Fox 35 News!

Recently, our wonderful owner, Amber Clore, went on Fox 35 to do one of her segments. This time she had picked to show the viewers how to decorate your home like a celebrity. So which two celebrities did she pick to show off their wonderful sense of style? Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba! Two very hip and trendy ladies today. Two very great picks! (See the video here.)


You can see Amber’s variations of their designs on the right and the pictures of their actual homes on the left.

Jennifer Lopez’s Home




Just like J-Lo everything in her home is glamorous and displays modern elegance. She uses neutral tones all throughout her home, which keeps it looking sleek and gives a touch of simplicity. This allows the sunlight to bounce off the walls and create a fresh, natural ambiance. She incorporates different textures, specifically velvet and fur, and using layers to create an even more texturized look. Another fun thing to bring to your home is her use of mixed metals. It is trending and keeps everything from looking too matchy-matchy. Clearly J-Lo knows when it comes to all the natural light in the homes, using glass and crystal is a great idea because it just makes the light jump more and really helps the light to reach the whole area.

Jessica Alba’s Home




Jess likes all the rooms in her home to really show off the outdoors if not to actually be outdoors. Yes, she has her kitchen and living room outdoors with a large succulent garden going up her wall. She likes to keep everything organic and sustainable, which is a great way to keep the air fresh and continually getting refreshed from all the plants and natural décor. To keep the home fun and playful, she uses bold patterns and colors. She emphasizes on red and blue either with paint or large scaled décor pieces. By using less but bigger items, you can fill the room and keep it from looking cluttered. Most of her décor items have a rustic look and feel such as the trunks we have here. This style tends to complement natural wooded elements such as the items she has in her home. Last but not least, this tile wall is absolutely gorgeous. It adds a really cool texture, if you will, instead of paint or wallpaper. It’s a very creative take on wallcoverings.

Amber had so much fun on set. See the video clip here!



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