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Create Inspiration In Your Home Office

More and more nowadays, we are hearing of people working from home. Well, how do they stay inspired, get out of bed, and not Netflix all day long? They have an adorable home office that spikes their imagination and creativity! If you can’t form this motivational area, you’ll be watching Sex and the City reruns until it is time to make dinner (or at that point, probably get takeout). We’re here to show you how to form that boring, old desk into a visionary’s utopia.



First, let’s give it a more feminine form. We like the colors pink and gold the best, but you can pick whatever colors your heart desires. Color coordinate EVERYTHING. Pink folders, gold stapler, pink and gold artwork, etc. Go nuts decorating with your chosen colors, because those are the colors that will make you want to move to your soon-to-be mini kingdom in the morning.



What would a morning be without coffee? Get yourself a cute coffee mug that you love and want to use all the time. It makes having coffee “fun” instead of something you absolutely have to have.



Place a stack of books that inspire you. You don’t have to actually read them, but if you need a little kick of creativity, they’re there. Next to your books, place on your desk a vase with fresh flowers, your favorite scented candle, and a mug that holds all your pens and pencils. Again, choose a mug you absolutely love. This small addition gives off a little personality.



Get together a small selection of motivational artwork you want to see every day. Create a mini gallery wall with one large statement piece included. Again, think about awakening your creativity and enthusiasm!



One of the most important factors in a home office is comfort. I know that sounds a little silly because you’re already in your own home, but you want it to be by far the most comfortable room in the house. The comfort level should even surpass your bedroom so you don’t mind getting out of bed. Get a comfy chair, a soft blanket, or a fluffy rug!



Last but not least, you need an agenda. Stay organized and keep track of everything you’re doing, what you’re getting done, and what needs to be done. An agenda is very important. The agenda is your friend, if not your best friend.

Turn your office into your adult playground so that your work doesn’t feel like work. It should feel like inspired pieces of art no matter what you do for a living!


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