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Creating Extra Space In Your Home

Don’t throw that away! What if you need it one day?! We all know that feeling when you’re forced to throw away something you’re really sentimental about due to lack of extra space in your house. So, during your spring cleaning this year, why not try switching out a few of these amazing furniture pieces to help you maximize your living space while also providing ample storage?! By using a few of our ideas, you won’t have to part ways with your treasury, and you’ll also be able to create more space for future belongings!

Under-The-Bed Storage


If you’re like us, you have way too many clothes and not enough space to put them in. We all need to do some clearing out in our closets, but if you’re just not ready to let go of those 90s pumps, we have the perfect place for you to store them! This bed provides storage underneath it for all of those items that just won’t fit in your closet anymore. By just sliding out the drawers, it reveals hidden storage compartments that are perfect for all the clothes that you don’t wear very often, but want to keep! It also keeps dust out so that the clothes don’t get dirty. Now, you basically have a second secret dresser under your bed!

Bathroom Storage


Who could forget about the bathroom?? This piece is the ultimate compact storage item for your small bathroom space! It takes up very little space while also being big enough to accommodate rolls of toilet paper, cosmetics, small linens, cleaning products and more. It’s the perfect way to eliminate clutter in your bathroom and free up some space under the counter for more beauty products! This piece takes up far less space than your regular sized cabinet and keeps everything organized so that you won’t have to shout for more toilet paper!

Extra Bedroom Storage


If you know you’re pretty disorganized in your bedroom, we have a storage idea just for you! Building a platform bed with lots of cupboards and drawers underneath is perfect for concealing all the junk that you want to keep but don’t particularly want to see. With all of this storage space, you can just throw your books, notes, papers, files, and even clothes into all of your built-in drawers, and the best part is nobody would ever know! Keep your messiness a secret with these easy access cupboards and you’re bedroom will always look clean!

So that’s it! Here’s just a few of our ideas to include in your home, or maybe just dream about in hopes that someday they’ll magically appear in your house. We hope you take our ideas into consideration when cleaning out your spaces!


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