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Day 2: Decorative Hardware

Today, on this 2nd day in November, we are thankful for:

We believe the difference is in the details. After all, a knob or hinge is more than just a knob or hinge – it’s jewelry for your home – the perfect accent to your home’s design aesthetic.

Adding or changing out decorative hardware can be one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to re-vamp a dull kitchen or add interest to an old piece of furniture. There are thousands of shape, finish, and style options offered by hundreds of hardware manufacturers. Wether you are looking to add a simple stainless steel lever or some “bling” with crystal knobs, the new trends and innovations in decorative hardware will certainly inspire you.

These dazzling Susan Goldstick decorative pulls are the perfect mix of art-deco and glamour. The bright colors fall perfectly into our Rock Candy color collection for 2013, check it out here.

Does your home have a specific design focus or theme?

The hardware shown on the left would be perfect for a beach house or coastal property where the hardware on the right would be a wonderful addition to any mid-centruy design style. The overall goal is to accentuate the architectural details of your home in order to create a consistency in style and design throughout.


We can not forget that decorative hardware starts at the front door and sets the tone for the rest of the finishes in the home. As our first encounter of any interior is the result of our entrance into it, a movement from outside to inside.

Long before the doorbell, homeowners hung door knockers on their entrance doors. Door knockers have a long history — they have probably existed as long as houses have had doors — but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that door knockers became a fanciful house accessory.

The Renaissance awakened an interest in art and design, and door knockers grew more ornate. Once constructed of pounded iron, knockers were cast in delicate shapes and figures in iron and brass for the doors of the wealthier members of society.

 The door knockers in general use today are the Georgian urn or vase, the thumb latch, and the eagle. Such designs as Medusa’s head, and the head of Daphne with its wreath of laurel leaves are also sometimes found. Below are some innovative door knockers that are post worthy!

These hand and ball knockers are a funky twist on an old-age concept.

Here is a door knocker with a modern twist, literally!!


Decorative hardware has given the world of design a lot to be thankful for and we have only scratched the surface. It’s history is an unwritten book and it’s future holds endless possibilities!

What are you thankful for today??

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