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Day 3: Track Lighting

Track lighting is a wonderful way to add light to a room. It offers flexibility with unlimited ways to provide task or accent lighting. Track lighting is perfect for highlighting artwork or architectural details, and to provide general illumination for an entire room. Once the tracks are installed, fixtures can be installed, moved or removed from the track with a simple twist. This flexibility allows you to easily achieve the task lighting or mood you want.

Decorative track lighting may seem like an oxymoron as it used to look almost entirely industrial. Which, in its day, was part of its appeal. However, people have been less enthused by the industrial appearance, but still wanted to keep its flexibility and high-quality task lighting. As a consequence, designer tracks and fixtures have become increasingly popular.

The track works with a narrow-focus bulb to spotlight a piece of artwork, a wide-focus “wall washer” to bathe a wall in light, or a general-purpose bulb to light a kitchen counter or reading chair.

Designer track lighting shies away from the industrial look in favor of fixtures and tracks that are themselves attractive. This can be tricky. Track lighting includes both a track and fixtures. However, its use of lines and geometry makes it very well suited to both classic and contemporary ceiling lighting.

We could go on and on about the endless possibilities track lighting provides. Perhaps we will another day!! Until then, we express our “thanks” to the ongoing innovation and discoveries of track lighting!

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