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#FridayFavorites: Interior Design Styles – Contemporary

Today, we’re showing off some really great contemporary items you can place in your homes at an affordable price! Contemporary is so sleek, chic, and an amazing design style to use in your home if you entertain guests often. It has a very sophisticated look to it. This design style is often used in big city apartments and in huge demand by young professionals. We love the “cosmopolitan” vibe it gives off. Check out how we create this look…



Cool tones on the floor keep this style from having a traditional look. Wood flooring typically completes the foundation nicely, but contemporary is also very open to tile flooring as well.


(All furniture sourced from Wayfair)

Keep everything somewhat simple. Have almost a minimalist mindset with an unusual twist. The quilted back gives that plain black office chair a tad bit of pattern. The simple bar cart is perfect against that plain wall you don’t know what to do with, and the nesting table crossing over the coffee table gives the central area of the living room a unique look.


(All decor items are sourced from Wayfair)

Keep simplicity in mind when picking out decor as well. Don’t go too far to get anything extremely loud or bold. More than likely it won’t fit in with the rest of the vibe. Keeping the decor to neutrals and metals is ideal, but don’t forget to add in your own personal style with the design of the items!


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