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DIY: Plank Accent Wall

Looking for that special something to make your space more appealing? Create your own plank accent wall! Instead of just painting your space, add warmth and texture to your interiors just by adding wood planks to the wall! By using sheets of plywood and your choice of paint or stain finish, you can create this rustic chic accent wall in your space in a short amount of time without hurting your wallet!



In order to start this project you’ll need to start with a few materials:

– Sheets of ¼ inch thick plywood

– Your choice of stains or paint colors

– Hammer and nails or nail gun

– Tile spacers or several pennies

– Drop cloth

– Sandpaper

– Measuring tape

– Level

You should be able to find plywood at your local hardware store, which would come in 4ft x 8ft sheets. The sheets would need to be cut into long strips. You can choose to cut each strip the same length (4-6″ wide) or cut a portion of the boards 6″ wide and the others 8″ wide. However, all of the boards should be cut to the length of the wall or different sizes if you are want to achieve the checkered effect.

Now that the boards are cut, you’ll need to sand down the wood to give it a smooth finish. Next, lay down your drop cloth and place the boards on top to start applying the stain or paint color. Make sure to apply paint to all sides of the boards, and feel free to apply more than one coat to get your desired color. Don’t be afraid to use multiple colors! Let your creativity live and pick a few colors to make sure your wall looks exactly how you would like. You can use colors like pale grey, driftwood, or golden oak with a pop of coral or mint green to give your space a touch of vibrancy.

Next, using your level, level the first piece of plywood just above the floor baseboard, and nail the plywood into place. Place the next board on top of the previous plywood piece, and wedge pennies as spacers between the boards in case they begin to expand. Continue nailing the plywood boards until the wall is completely covered. After the wall is finished, remove the pennies. In just a few steps, you’re done! You now have a picture-perfect accent wall to add that captivating touch you’ve been looking for!

Here are a few examples:








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