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Do It for Dad! Happy Father’s Day!



Father’s Day is just around the corner, and maybe you’re struggling to come up with some great ideas for a unique gift for Dad. If you’re tired of buying the same old tie each year, we have some creative and inexpensive Do-It-Yourself gift ideas. This is a great chance to get the kid’s involved in making their own personal gift for Dad. Round everybody up for a trip to Hobby Lobby to gather some supplies and give one of our cool and creative gifts a try!

Amber's Blog photos-Father's Day Here’s a simple and cute DIY craft to try with your kids. Start by coming up with some simple questions to ask about their Dad, such as, where he was born, what his hair color is or maybe what his favorite food is. Type up the questions and answers and print it out on your choice of paper. Next, select a paint color for the hand print. Make sure the color is light enough and the paint is not too thick to cover up the questions. After the paint dries, simply place it into a cute frame to present to Dad on Father’s Day.



Amber's Blog photos 2-Father's Day

This one is for the Dad’s with a sweet tooth! This gift is both sweet and functional! When he is done enjoying the treat, he can use his personalized jar for storing things like pens, paperclips, or nuts and bolts. Start with a simple mason jar and select his favorite candy. Now it’s time to get creative! Decorate the top of your jar by adding colorful paper strips, paint, or some cool duct tape. Next create a personal tag for Dad, like the one pictured above, and attach it to your jar. Now for the best part, fill it up with his favorite candy! (Try not to sneak too many for yourself.)




Amber's Blog photos 3-Father's Day

Here’s an adorable DIY gift for the whole family to be involved in. For this simple craft, you will need some colorful cardstock, a photo frame and scissors. Start out by gathering the whole family together to trace their handprints onto the cardstock and cut them out. Then arrange the handprints from largest to smallest and glue them to a solid piece of cardstock. You can put a message of your choice or design it like the one shown above. Once it’s framed, you have the perfect gift for Dad from the whole family!



Amber's Blog photos 4-Father's Day

Here’s another favorite craft idea that we liked. It’s the perfect way to record your memories with Dad! To begin this craft you can either assemble your own journal or purchase one at your local office supply store. Now it’s time to get creative! You can design your cover page with cute craft paper, markers, stickers or go all glitter! Inside the journal, you can insert fun photos of the kid’s with Dad and have them write a small caption of that special day. It’s the perfect way to capture cherished memories in a cute notebook for Dad to enjoy whether he is at work or home. Source

Now that you have some cool and creative ideas for Dad, he won’t be stuck with another boring tie! These crafts are a great way to save money, spend time together and shower Dad with fun and personalized gifts. I hope we inspired you to let your creative side take over this Father’s Day. This year, don’t be afraid to get crafty and let the fun begin!


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