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Dominate Your Dorm Decor

Its that time of the year when high school graduates gleefully pack-up all of their belongings, and head off to college! Sadly, college dorms are pretty dull in the design department, so we’re here to help you out! This year, whip that blank canvas into a space that is truly unique! You’ll have the best room in the building with just a few of our amazing DIY projects! Our dorm friendly project will have your dorm feeling like home in no time!


Every space needs a bit of nature! So for our first idea, all you have to do is add a little bit of plant life to your dorm. You can simply buy few wooden plant pots from a craft store, and paint them whatever color or design that you would like. Then once they are dry you can put your favorite plants inside! Hopefully you have a window so that you can display your plants by the sunlight to grow and bring life into your dorm space!



This project requires a little bit more work but it’s definitely worth it! If you want a little more lighting in your room, or just decorative hanging lights, then why not get a little creative?! For this project you will need glue, small balloons, colored yarn, and a string of lights. To begin you will need to inflate the balloons to the size that you want your yarn balls to be. Wrap the yarn around your hands until you think you have enough to cover the balloons. Then dip the yarn that it is in your hand into the glue until it is lathered. Now you can begin to wrap the yarn around the balloons until they are fully covered and knotted at the end. Wait for the yarn to dry and then pop the inner balloon with a tack. Pull out the deflated balloon through a hole in the yarn, and then attach the yarn ball to the lights! You’ll then have colorful lights to drape on your dorm walls!



Washi tape is perfect for everything dorm related! With this project you won’t need any pesky nails or a big heavy hammer! Instead of using expensive frames, use a little colorful washi tape to display your best photos. All you have to do is tape your photos to the wall that you want them on, and line their borders with the tape to make your own cool frame! It’s just like adding a decorative frame filter to your photos online. In 2 easy steps you’ll have your pictures hung up and ready to add a little color to your dorm space. This could be the perfect way to give yourself something pretty to look at while you’re doing work at your desk! So get your hands on a bunch of washi tape and let the fun begin!


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