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Don’t Go Far! Bring the Winter Season to Florida!

We know that even in December it is warm and sunny, but for Florida natives, 65 degrees is chilly. We bring out our boots and long sleeved shirts, because it is the only time we really get to wear them. When it comes to your vacation home though, even the slightest change in weather will make it feel like it dropped quite a few degrees. Without going overboard and adding things to the home that will make you too hot, we’ve complied a list of relaxing details to use as additions to help bring the winter feeling into your Florida vacation home.



First and foremost, before even picking a house, you need to consider the location. When people think of Florida vacation homes, they think of being on the beach. Don’t get me wrong; the beach in the winter is quite magical. But if you’re a Florida native, don’t write off areas that are little secrets throughout the state. We don’t have many wooded areas in Florida, but if you can find that special spot, you will luck out for sure! You want to have the perfect window view. This one detail has such a huge affect on the feeling of relaxation that comes from a home. Granted, if you don’t have an amazing view, create one! Make sure you have at least one room in the home that has an incredible view, whether that is a large piece of artwork, a family photograph, or a landscape. Nothing relaxes you quite like beautiful nature scenery.



Now, we can move on to the foundation, such as paint and flooring. You should attempt to paint in calming colors, such as dark gray-blue, soft gray, icy blue, soft neutral green, and lavender. Keep it dim. These colors will help you unwind, sit back, and loosen up. When it comes to flooring, the most welcoming “vacation home” type of flooring is hardwood. If you have a comfortable, stained hardwood floor, add a fluffy rug! Make sure your large rug is soft and snug causing it to be a homey addition to the room.



Lighting is a huge key when it comes to a relaxing home. You want to use a couple different sources of light to add a bit of diversity. Natural light is the most obvious detail when it comes to fresh, casual lighting. Do your best to keep the shades open and the sun streaming in. In the rooms that don’t have large windows, string white Christmas lights to brighten up the room while creating a more festive look. These lights you can actually keep up all year round if you so please. It gives off a warm glow. Candles tend to have this same effect. Let’s not forget the fact that they smell so nice and can quickly change the mood of the room depending on the scent.



Moving on to the bedroom décor, there are a few essentials for specifically vacation homes. Vacations are meant for relaxing, right? You might want to take a nap now and then! Go ahead and hang those room-darkening curtains people tell you not to put up. They’re an essential décor item that plays a big role in your vacation’s leisurely component. Also, electronics in the bedroom is fine at home where you might be needing them to get work done or just staying up to watch some tv, but during your recess, you should steer clear from having anything electronic in the bedroom. While a television is thought to make you sleep better, it keeps you up way longer at night, and you might just want to spend some quality time with your significant other instead.



In the living room and just around the rest of the house, there are a few items that should be switched out seasonally to make it actually feel like the seasons are changing in Florida. Switch out your throw pillows! Try and add in a fluffy pillow; it adds a sense of comfort without making you too hot. Lay out some extra blankets. They don’t have to be thick, heavy-duty blankets, but add a couple extra thinner ones to the décor to make it look like they’re needed. Keep your flowers up to date. You have to switch out flowers every so often anyway, but try to match them with the season. It adds a fresh and rejuvenated look. Also, keep the scents of your candles current. You don’t want toasted marshmallow burning in the summer and you wouldn’t want Bahama Breeze burning in the winter. The scent of a candle can tap into one of our senses that has a very large impact on the way we feel.



Our last suggestion would be to keep the house neat and tidy. Make those beds every morning. Wipe down the counters whenever you get a chance. Pick up anything on the floor as you’re walking past it. If everyone pitches in, the house could stay clean the entire vacation!


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