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Elegance Isn’t Always Expensive

We all want the elegance of an expensive home, but not all of us have the resources. We’re here to guide you through a couple ways to guarantee a gorgeous home without breaking the bank!

Always Go Neutral



To start off, you should use a neutral base as much as you can. How does this help? If your base is neutral, you can change and redecorate as many times as you would like by simply changing around the accessories.

Splurge On The Important Things



You will want to splurge on items that you will need for a very long time, such as a bed or a couch. You want to make sure you love the area you will spend the most time in. If you relax by watching TV, splurge on a nice sofa. If you spend most of your time with guests in the dining room, splurge on a nice dining room table and chairs. If you spend most of your time reading in bed, make sure it is the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in! That is the item you want to save your money for.

Don’t Be Afraid of Secondhand Stores



One of the most common ways to save your money is by going to secondhand stores. Some stuff is a bit to be desired, but you can definitely find some real treasures there. You just have to be willing to go on a treasure hunt!

Try To Find One Staple Item



A basic design tip for a budget is: less is more. By this, we mean that you can add so much to a room by adding one statement item. A large piece of artwork is a wonderful example. It adds so much style and personality to a room without having to buy multiple pieces. A rug has this same effect as long as you have it tie in the colors in the room or a statement pattern.

Layer! Layer! Layer!



Our last tip is to layer the details, such as books and candles. Layer your accessories. Add rugs, curtains, pillows, and blankets! Get creative! Mix up patterns. Have fun with it. We always do!


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