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Essentials for an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!

As you have seen in movies, books, and articles, Anti-Valentine’s Day parties are becoming a big thing. When you’re single, you don’t want to be celebrating some holiday Hallmark made-up to boost sales. You don’t want to be out with all the lovebirds flying about, but who doesn’t love a great party? Let’s direct our focus on the positive side of being single and celebrate it! Just a quick reminder of how awesome it is to be single: we can flirt with whoever we want, we have time to work on ourselves, and most importantly, we can do whatever our little hearts’ desire. Being single is more like a gift to yourself, so let’s all say “screw it” to all the men who didn’t realize what a catch we are, to all the Valentine décor that remind us of our singular situation, and to all the couples who will be throwing it in our faces all day! Let’s get to partying, ladies!



There are three areas to focus on for this party (or any party for that matter): the décor, the food and drinks, and our lovely guests.




When it comes to décor, you can style it however you would like (because no one is there to tell you otherwise)! You can go super girly and make it like a womanly wonderland, or you can bring out the edgy, angry side and decorate with a “gothic glam” style. Use black accent pieces, empty birdcages (because of the love birds), and play the album “I Hate Valentine’s Day Party Music.” This album includes Every Rose Has It’s Thorns, Crimson and Clover, Time Of Your Life, etc. This is the perfect soundtrack for a party like this. The last, most essential item of décor is the Valentine’s Day piñata. You have to set aside a point during the party to get fired up with all your girlfriends and get all your anger out on a large decorated heart. You have no idea how much joy this is going to bring you.

Food and Drinks



Now when it comes to food and drinks, you need snacks and alcohol in every direction you look. You ladies are celebrating an angry approach to Valentine’s Day; get creative with the drinks. Make drinks with bitters and have a whole selection of liquor, or go the easier, simpler route and just have a bunch of champagne with some fruit additives. Make sure you don’t just fill your guests stomachs with sweets like what you would normally do on Valentine’s Day. Make sure what you are giving out has some substance to it, especially if you ladies are going to be drinking a bit. With that being said, add in some cute cupcakes and desserts as well, because it’s still Valentine’s Day. The love between a girl and chocolate will never go away.

Your Girlfriends



Last but not least, focus on your single ladies! Invite all the fearsome females! It doesn’t matter if four or fifty gals show up. Either way, you should feel like you’re in Sex and the City (drinking martinis and having fun). Remember, everyone is feeling about the same way, so just make sure you all have an overwhelmingly killer night! Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day, beautiful babes!


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