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How To Be A Feng Shui Expert In Your Home

The way you design your home says a whole lot about who you are. It can also determine how you feel throughout the day. An unstructured, disorganized home can create chaos and cause a lack of peace. Fortunately, you can change this with a few simple adjustments! Infuse feelings of love, fame, prosperity, and creativity in all the rooms in your home by deliberately choosing certain paint colors, furniture arrangements, and living natural elements. All of these design principles help make up the tenets of Feng Shui and can go a long way towards improving the flow and energy in your home. With a few of our helpful tips you can create a much more harmonious living space throughout all of the rooms in your home!

The Kitchen


To begin Feng Shui you have to understand exactly how it works. This process includes the aspects of water, wood, earth, metal, and fire to create good energy throughout your home. We will first start with your kitchen space. This area should be decorated with elements that influence wealth and prosperity, such as living, colorful plants, fountains or pictures of moving water, and colors of purple and red. It would be good to use wood as a primary aspect of this area, along with water and earth elements since it is the place that you will be eating and preparing food in.

The Kid’s Room


Next, you can reflect your creative energy, as well as supportive energy in your children’s room. You can achieve this by incorporating art that inspires you and your children, pictures of your children, and using soft pastel colors. It is best to keep this space uplifting, and energized since it is the main space that your children will be growing up in, so make it fun!

The Foyer


The center of your home is an energy vortex that works much like the human heart to direct the flow of energy throughout your house. This is the area that most definitely requires a touch of all 5 elements so that they can flow throughout the entire house. Art that represents harmony between all 5 elements would be good for this area. An example of this could be a bamboo fountain that has a red ribbon tied around it (for fire) along with stones and metal coins in the basin of the fountain to represent earth and metal.

The Living Room


For your living area, this space should focus on your family and its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The area should be enhanced with décor that reflects harmony and calm energy in order to bring peace to the family. You’ll want to use happy, healthy colors like blues, and vibrant greens, with bits of bright colors and brown, earthy tones. Lots of light and mirrors, along with a comfortable center rug would also work well in this living space.

The Office


And for our last tip, we have the study or workspace. This space is related to your career and your path in life, so it should always reflect the energy of this space towards your career goals. This area should mainly use neutral tones, with small dabs of colors that you think would help inspire you. Artwork and pictures of vast water and the sky should also be included to symbolize endless possibilities. Make sure that there is a lot of daylight available in the space, along with sufficient lighting when natural light is not present. It is also best to add a small indoor water feature, such as a small fish tank, or miniature fountain to show the flowing of water.

We hope this has helped you become a feng shui queen and bring all these tips into your own home!


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