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First Apartment Decor Checklist

Congratulations! You now have your own apartment! Now, you’re looking to decorate. That’s where we come in! Prepare to be informed about the perfect, small touches to bring together your beautiful first apartment. To make sure we cover everything that is essential, we are going to break it down by each room starting in the living room.

Living Room


     First, the entryway that is part of the living room can be spiced up with a decorative mirror. It adds flare and gives the illusion of a larger room. Possibly under that mirror is a bar table. This can by extra storage for anything and can be decorated with your own personal style of décor. Trust us; the bar table will be your answer to extra kitchen storage. The last essential for the living room we envision is a plant. Any plant brings life and adds the comfortable feeling a relaxing home.



     Small baskets and containers in your bathroom will save your clutter. We all do the same thing when cleaning our bathrooms. We put everything in cabinets closed away to not be visible, but when we go in our bathrooms later that night, everything comes back out onto the counter purely because it is more convenient. Solve all your convenience problems by placing all your counter clutter in stylized containers and jars on the counter. Think of it as condensed clutter at your convenience. The other necessity to add to your bubbly bathroom is fancy candles. Not only will they bring a pleasant aura, but they also look lovely placed anywhere.



    Décor in the kitchen is very important, because the kitchen is a congregating room. Obviously, the living room is the most used with guests, but think about how much time we all spend in our kitchen. Decorating your kitchen will also make you want to show it off making it an even busier room. Three décor items that will make a tremendous difference are wall treatments, affordable art, and believe it or not…cookbooks! First, pick some different patterns on some beautiful fabrics. Wall treatments normally are the decorating items that are a bit pricier than others, but because you will be using less fabric, it isn’t such a strain on your pocket. Now, most people think of artwork being a large part of the living room or bedroom, but we believe artwork in the kitchen is a huge addition. You can play around with the colors you’re putting up, and you can find all these wonderful pieces at affordable prices depending on where your shop around. Etsy and IKEA are both great places we suggest for reasonable artwork. Last stop in the kitchen is the countertop décor. Let’s all be honest here about how many cookbooks we have stuffed into our cabinets. Clear it out by stacking a few in the corner of the countertop for a cute, home décor that makes you feel better, and this might just encourage you to open one up every once in while. 🙂



     The last room we’re touching in the house is the bedroom. To light up the room, you want to start with a stylish table lamp on your nightstand or dresser that adds your own personal pizzazz to the room. We always think of lamps as being an important décor item that is necessary and incredibly useful while bringing a glow to the room. Décor pillows on the bed will make a plain bedspread go from boring to beautiful. Play with different patterns and contrasting colors. This makes for a busy room giving the illusion that there is more décor without breaking the bank. The last part of the bedroom that changes everything is the floor; add a rug!! Rugs aren’t too expensive, and they can pull an entire room together.

Decorating is a huge part of moving into your first new apartment. This is the chance to style everything in your own personal way that will help you feel accomplished and continually inspired.


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