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Foyer Fake-Out: The A.Clore Way

Don’t have a foyer? No problem! We’re going to show you today how you can make your entrance look like a foyer. We’re calling it the “foyer fake-out!” There are many things you can add to an entrance to make it appear as a separate space, so we’ll show you how and give you affordable examples of items you can use in your home. Let’s get started!

A Console Table


Having a console table in the front entrance gives you such a large opportunity to show off any different interior design style and personality. You can add vastly different trinkets, candles, mirrors, and/or art pieces along it’s top surface. You really want your foyer to show off your personal design style and “prepare” your guest for the rest of your home.

Choose any style…

(All tables sourced from Wayfair)

Use A Rug


We use rugs in a tricky way. You can use them to create the appearance of a separate room. It helps establish where the center of the room is, where one room ends , and where the other room starts. It’s a sneaky little trick, but can be very helpful when faking a foyer.

(All rugs sourced from Surya)

Add A Bench


A bench is an easy way to turn a plain, basic wall into an eye-catcher. Not only doe it give you extra seating, but it also gives your fake foyer some much needed personality! Decorate it with some cute accent pillows that complement your design style.

(all benches sourced from Wayfair)


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