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#FridayFavorites: Interior Design Styles – Coastal

Considering Florida didn’t get a winter at all this year and it has stayed feeling like summer, we felt it was only appropriate to choose coastal as our favorite interior design style this fine Friday! Going coastal doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with anchors and stripes. (See what we did there?) You can really turn this design style cute and creative with your own personal twist whether you’re hanging out by the beach or in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. We’ll show you how!


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Both of these designs show a coastal style, but as you can see, they’re very different. This goes to show that you have many options in this interior design style. One of the options being a fresh white base with glass and shell accents. Another option showcasing a dark navy couch with light blue accents throughout reminding guests of the sea and giving off a relaxing yet homey vibe.


All furniture sourced from Wayfair

An airy metal bed frame is perfect for a relaxing bedroom, and it gives you freedom when picking out side tables and dressers. You can even throw some color in a little study corner with this sanded sea-foam writing desk, and you can’t tell us the blue rotating chair in the top right corner doesn’t automatically remind you of a beach house. If you want to give your coastal living room a luxurious touch, we suggest this awesome chrome coffee table. We’re also in love with this toned down sea-foam couch, and it would look absolutely perfect in a white or gray living room.


All decor sourced from Wayfair

You don’t have to go too beach-y, but coastal decor is all about the decor items. Cute sanded down “distressed” trays are adorable for coffee tables, kitchen counters, or dining room tables. All these trinkets will complete any vignette, and these pillows are the perfect combination for a white or navy couch! Just remember to have fun and add in your own personal touch!


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