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Get The Look: Wanderlust

Show off your love for travel and culture! We love to travel and experience new places along with their cultures, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to bring those memories home with you. There are countless ways to incorporate your love for travel into your homes interior. Whether you want to include your own memories from vacations, or just products that you like, we have the perfect ideas just for you!



Pick out the biggest map you can find and let’s get started! If you love adventure and crave experiencing new places, why not post a decorative world map on your wall?! It’s the perfect wall décor for travelers, while also reminding you of all the places you have yet to embark on. You can even place tacks on the places you have been along with the ones you aspire to go to. Just like the image shown below, you can also utilize old suitcases as storage! It’ll add that final touch of wanderlust to the space while also serving a functional purpose!



Maybe a traditional map isn’t what you want in your space, so what about this one? This unique wall decal displays typography in the shape of a map using the country’s name! If you want to add a fun twist of travel in your décor then this is the way to go. Find an empty wall in your living space and give it a pop of color. After painting you can find the right wall decal and get to work! Bring the world into your home with this minimalist design that’s perfect for those who are also into typography!



If you’ve travled all over, we want to see! Make your own wanderlust gallery wall to show off your very own vacation photos. We know we all take millions of pictures wherever we go, and now you can put them on display to express your love for travel. Find your favorite picture frames, and print out your best photos to create your personal gallery that is sure to bring adventure into your home’s interior. While you’re in the spirit, you can also bring in some of the cultures that you’ve started to favor throughout your travels. Hopefully you brought back a couple of vibrant, handsewn pillows you found that would look perfect with your home’s décor. Add a few of your souvenirs into your interior to add that final touch of adventure. It’s the perfect way to put your trips on display, and it’ll also be a great conversation starter!


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