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Have Fun with Your Foyer


There’s just something special about coming into a home that has a foyer or an entryway. It says, “Come on in! Welcome. Stay a while.” It’s the welcoming committee for the rest of your home. Sadly, not everyone’s home or apartment is blessed with the luxury of having this space. Many front doors open directly into the living room, with no welcoming space. However, it’s not entirely hopeless! You can create the feeling of a foyer with a few of our helpful tips.

The primary thing to remember is that you’ll either need a physical barrier or a visual one. A visual barrier gives the viewer a barrier décor to instantly view in the front door area. This will separate the entryway from the rest of the house. Even if it’s only a few square feet, give your home a place in which to pause before entering the rest of the house.foyer fun2

If you only have one wall near the front door, you can simply add a console table with a few of your favorite accessories, or instead of a table, you could install a slim, sleek shelf topped with a gallery wall of photos. The shelf can be used to hold keys, gloves, the dog’s leash, or whatever you need to grab on your way in or out! You can choose to define your space with molding to give it some personality. Frame the wall you will be using to draw attention to it, and then, add your console table or built in shelf. Another way to help draw attention to the space would be to add wallpaper. Accent wallpaper makes a dramatic statement that can be fun for a transition space.                          Source

Make your foyer happy! Paint the entryway or the console table with your favorite vibrant color to make the space really say “Hello!” You can also make a cute display in the entry wall to add a a bit of character. If you want to display a collection of thrift plates, why not use the entryway wall?

If you have a large space near the front door, you can place a room divider and a console table and voila! You now have a foyer that you can design and decorate just as you would to a traditional foyer.

Now that you have a few ideas, you can create your own foyer! As you can see, it really is as easy as one, two, three. Pick out your favorite paints, a console table, a shelf, or a room divider, and get to work!


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