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High End Look At A Low End Level

0001-45349629Do you ever wish your home looked more elegant? Have you ever wished that it had more of a staged and organized look? Trust us; we’ve all been there. Coming home to a mess because you just don’t have time to make it look as amazing as you want it to. Well, we’re here to lend a helping hand. You may think that it would be too expensive to put effort into your home’s interior, but it’s not! We have a few helpful tips on how to make you home feel more luxurious without spending all of your money!

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For our first essential element to an elegant home, we suggest flowers! Fresh flowers are always ideal in any space. We know what you’re thinking- who’s going to remember to water them?! If you’re like us, you probably won’t remember to water the plants and keep up with them, so finding good fake flowers is also a good idea. Flowers give off an organic feel that can really brighten up a room. They add life to a room. Flowers can complement or can be used as a focal point in your space. Either way, putting flowers in an elegant vase will absolutely class up your space making it feel more expensive!

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Our next tip is actually pretty simple and easy, because all you have to do is use matching containers for storage! You can go as high end or cheap as you want for this, because the uniformity is the crucial element to achieve the high end look in this case. You could go with mason jars, baskets, or containers from The Container Store. Either way, the uniform look will give off a high end feel. It’s always a good idea to make your storage look appealing instead of cluttered and messy. We all have storage items, so make sure all of your containers coordinate well with each other. That will make your space still look attractive and put together!

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Now, for the knitty and gritty aspect of your space. You can replace any not-so-pretty hardware that you have. Even when living in an apartment, this is an easy way to glam up your space to give it more of a high end look. Crystal knobs or silver colored knobs for your kitchen and storage cabinets will take your space to the look of higher price level. Nobody wants to look at rusted crusty hardware, let alone touch it, so just replace it! This might cost a little bit more than storage containers or flowers, but it’s still an affordable way to put a little effort into your space. All you need is a few new door knobs, maybe a new faucet, and cabinet handles, and you’ll be good to go! Then, as long as you keep them clean and polished, they’ll give your home that brand new feel for as long as possible!


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