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How To: Presentable Pillows

We all spend time fluffing our bedroom pillows and trying to make them look absolutely perfect and presentable. You never want them slouching or looking messy. It just doesn’t give off a fresh, relaxing vibe that is ideal in your bedroom. We want to do our best to make our pillows pressed flat and stand up all by themselves. To achieve that look, follow our steps below…

Fold It Up



They will gently glide into the sham if you fold the pillows in half first and then put it in the sham. It should willingly unfold and fit perfectly.

Flatten It Majorly



The pillows will stand up much easier if you press all the air out of them first, so to correctly do this, place your hands in the middle of the pillow and slowly push them out in opposite directions. Repeat this until your pillows are as flat as boards.

Know How To Position Them



The best way not to ruin all the work you’ve just done to the pillows while positioning them is to pull it up to stand by grabbing the top two corners. Stand up the pillow NEXT to your bed frame. Do your best not to lean it against the headboard, because that can automatically give it a messy look.

When you are done with these steps, your pillows should be standing all on their own looking tall and proud!


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