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How To Create A Beautiful Master Bedroom

It’s time to talk master bedrooms. The master can sometimes be a crazy place with kids diving off the bed and babies playing with jewelry boxes, but it should also be a romantic retreat. This is supposed to be your sanctuary! If your master bedroom is currently infested with tiny people and little sticky fingerprints, it’s time to clean up a bit! You probably used to have a pretty sweet space before they came along, and we’d like to help you bring it back.

Today we have a few tips to help you create a beautiful and romantic master bedroom!



First, you should layer your bed with texture and pattern. Make it captivating and lovely by combining unusual textures and prints. Just make sure you only use a maximum of three prints. As much as we love prints, don’t get carried away!



Next, use statement lighting! If you are going to do it, you might as well do it BIG! An interesting light fixture can set the tone for the whole room and really make it special. Make a statement! Do an awesome DIY project on a thrifted piece, build it yourself, or splurge. Just make sure it’s a piece you love.



It’s always a good idea to add extra seating to your bedroom space. Whether you add a long bench to the foot of your bed or put a couple chairs by the window! You can use the chairs to sit and read next to the warm sunlight shining through the window. Then, you can always use the bench to put on your shoes! The bench can also be a place for the kids to sit when in the room whenever you don’t want them on the bed. The master bedroom is way too spacious not to have extra seating!

Make sure there are romantic accents and sentimental items in the room. The master is the room for love. Make sure you love it!


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