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How to Maintain a Clean Home


There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean, tidy house. It gives us the chance to relax. Prop our feet up; take a load off. You never want to be on your way home from a long day at work listing off in your mind everything you have to do when you get home that day. Take these steps to a clean home by practicing them as much as you can!

First and foremost………


Make your bed EVERY MORNING.

It will add to your relaxation so much. It doesn’t matter how hectic your morning is, make time to make your bed. It makes you feel so much more put together when you’re leaving the house and when you are crawling into it at night. Its a mental thing….make you bed, and you can’t get back in it!

Open a door or two.

It brings the fresh air in, but not too much. It helps with your relaxation time, or what we like to call “me time.”

Clean the bathroom and kitchen as often as possible.

The basic stuff you should try to do daily, such as a quick wipe down of the counters both kitchen and bathroom, squeegee the shower door if it’s glass, and a swift wipe of the sinks. If you do it every day, it makes each day quicker.

Take off your shoes.

You don’t want to track anything in from outside to make more cleaning for yourself later. And with taking off your shoes, put them on the shoe rack. It makes the entryway look much nicer, and you won’t be stumbling over shoes on your way in

Clean as you go.

When you’re making food, use a dish, wash a dish. By the time you’re done making food if you haven’t washed while you go, you’re full and don’t want to do those dirty dishes. You know that happens every time. Make it easy on yourself. Clean as you go.

Always put your clothes away.

If you constantly tell yourself you will put them away, they will never get done. You will go through wearing all of them before they even make it in your dresser or closet. It is another one of those things that just automatically makes you feel more put together.

Do a quick clean right before bed.

Make yourself some hot tea and do a quick walk around the house picking up anything that needs to be picked up, sweeping anything that needs to be swept, or cleaning any dishes that have been leftover that day.

These are just some quick, easy steps to keep your house spotless and clean and to make your days easier. It might seem like much, but I can promise you it will take you know time at all if you fit it into your daily routine!


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