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#FridayFavorites: Interior Design Styles – Glam

We all sometimes want to feel girly and glamorous, and what better way to do that than to surround yourself with some glam decor! Forget Pretty Pretty Princess and just redecorate! You don’t have to go overboard and completely re-do your home or even just one room. You can place some glam decor in eye-catching areas, and that alone will change the look and feel of the space.



If you have a very glam foundation, it’s so much easier to make your home look girly and glamorous, because it will all flow. One of the best inventions we have found is the easily removable, self-adhesive wallpaper from Tempaper. They have many glam options and can cater to preference. So many options! Don’t forget about the beautiful chandelier lighting that is necessary for any charmed escape.


(All items are sourced from Wayfair)

Everything and anything metallic is a must! Clear or mirrored items are included along with tufted extravagant seating options.


(All items are sourced from Wayfair)

Keep the decor metallic. This way the decor will flow if you want to mix up the furniture and throw in a colored accent chair or if you want to change up the color palette all together. When trying to achieve a glam style, we use metallics as our neutrals to keep it simple but dressed up at the same time!

Just have fun with it and use any foundation, furniture, or decor that makes you feel glamorous!


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