How to Maximize a Small Space

Living on a small space doesn’t have to feel like your living in a cramped place! Here, we will give some clever suggestions on how to take advantage of your tight space.

Choose Furniture that Serves Multiple Purposes

Choose furnishings that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage. Choose a chaise-end sofa to add extra seating space. This is also perfect when you have relatives or friends over who are going to spend the night at your place. These cubed floor lamps provide extra shelving for sentimental pieces. An ottoman or bench have liftable lids to sneakily store pillows, blankets, or anything else from your guests!

This coffee table is not only pretty but also serves as a place for storage!

Create a Clever Floor Plan

Measure the spaces for your furniture to assure you have ample sized walkways. It is important to be selective and aware of your needs when getting furniture. Ironically, consider that small furniture doesn’t always work; it serves less of its purpose and allows room for more unneeded pieces. Don’t be afraid of use large pieces; as long as they do not appear out of scale.

Install Floating Furniture

Save space by installing floating shelves as a TV console or in your small bathroom. If you do this, you will have more room to walk and move around. Mounting your TV on the wall instead of placing it on the console top will regain that necessary table space. This leaves space for cute storage baskets or a dog bed underneath if high enough!

This leaves space for cute storage baskets or a dog bed underneath if high enough!

Shrink Your Dining Table

Purchase a table that comes with extra leaves that can be inserted for those occasional large get-togethers; then take them out when not needed. This allows for needed walk pathways.

Trick Your Eye

It’s the oldest design trick: Mirrors will make your space feel larger and lighter. They add dimension to a room.

This mirror help to expand the perspective of the real size of this bathroom.

Take Advantage of Every Closed Door

To maximize every centimeter of your house, use hanging racks on backs of doors for bags, scarves, belts, etc.! This tactic also opens up drawer space for other items.


We feel the need to fill a room with furniture a lot so it looks furnished. Avoid this!! The most important step to maximizing your space is to purge! Sometimes it can be hard of get rid of your belongings, we understand. Always keep this question in mind: Do I REALLY need this? Be honest with yourself, and get rid of those unnecessary items. You can do it!!

This design looks organized because is declutter and every items has a specific place for storage!

A small space can be challenging in terms of decoration and design. However, we hope that with these tips, you have a better idea of have to maximize your space and take advantage of your furniture and materials!


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